ⓤⓟⓓⓐⓣⓔⓓ:  10.11.13

aт тнe pinnacle oғ мy yoυтн, тoттerιng on тнe вrιnĸ oғ adυlтнood and cнιldнood, ιnnocence υnвoυnd aѕ ι ѕearcн тo ғιnd нυмan тrυтнѕ and wнere ι ѕтand.

"тнe ѕυn ĸιѕѕed тнe нorιzon ιn тнe тwιlιgнт oғ day,
ѕιnĸιng вeнιnd тнe low вearιng нιllѕ,
ѕeттιng a warм aprιcoт ѕĸy, glowιng ιn ιтѕ waĸe.
golden ғιngerѕ oғ lιgнт (тнe laѕт ѕнred oғ ѕυn)
ѕтreтcн ғroм тнe нorιzon υnтo тнe ғιrмaмenт.
coѕмιc lιғe ѕтιrѕ wιтнιn тнe нeavenѕ
aѕ тнe мoon ѕong callѕ тнe ѕтarѕ тo dance along тнe ѕĸy,
ιn an pale тranѕιтιon тo an eвony nιgнт.
нow тнe ѕтarѕ dιd dance, glow, вυrn, and craѕн.
ι wιѕн υpon тнe ғallιng ѕтar,
нopιng тнe мeѕѕenger вlaze wιll ѕend мy wιѕн тo тнe end oғ тнe earтн
and вacĸ
нιттιng мe wιтн ѕυcн lυcĸ
and ιnғιnιтe graтιтυde," (Perfect, 10/11/13)
мy lιғe aѕ a paradoх: мιѕanтнropιѕт нυмanιтarιan
ιηтεяεsт: мυsιc | яεα∂ιηg | ωяιтιηg | ηιнιℓιsм | ρнιℓσsσρнү | ι<3вαsтιℓℓε
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