Submissions for the #Attys officially begin! Enter either the Enthusiast or Competitor tier, and celebrate poetry with us on
          	Please read everything on the page for full details; everything you need to know about the Attys will be there! We can't wait to see your wonderful submissions. :)


@YuaSuzuki9 Are you interested in vfv?


Hi! My name is Sabri, unlike my name suggests and I am a young poet who would like you to read her book. If you do have the spare time, mind reading and maybe voting if worth it? It would really help motivate me to keep sharing as these poems are really personal and I feel that sharing helps get a weight off my shoulders. Thanks for scanning over this paragraph. *laughing emoji laughing emoji* Thank you! Have a good day/night!!


@Emo_But_Awesome I do not think the Atty's are working order anymore.