;) Naughty, Romantic, Imaginative, Always Dreaming<3
I love reading stories.
I love stories...I could spend a lot of time reading and not mind.
I admit i love the process of falling slowly in love...i love reading werewolf stories<3
I am a fan of music<3
Reading is actually where I escape from the real world to my virtual world.
Ghosts scare me.

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Featured work.

My Maths Teacher Is My Mate?????

Social data: 5.4K reads. 146 votes. 22 comments.

Description: Eva Collins is the shy nerdy girl of her school,hiding a huge secret. Damon Sampson is the Maths teacher,24, and an alpha and mateless. He is the alpha of the world's largest pack. What will happen when t...


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List