Bro sense.

Right. I'm Scotland, the second eldest out of the Kirklands. Also known as Allistor, but only my close friends can call me that. See, not even my own family can call me that. Especially not that fud England!

I'm helfy at playin' the bagpipes, kickin' ass, drinkin', darts, drinkin', golf, and drinkin' whiskey.

Fact: Nessie is real. Face the truth or I'm gonae feed ya to the bon lass! I see mythical creatures, naw, I'm normally not pished when I see 'em, but I tend to see those of the unseely court, and unaligned Fey.

Me and me braw, England, ain't exactly pals. In fact, most the time, I hate the wanker. I get along right fine wit' the rest of 'em though. The only thing stopping me from hating that wanker permanently is the fact he's me braw.

I seem to be the only one who never confuses Canada and America up. I started a colony there before the rest('cept France) and Nova Scotia is all thanks to me! Used to be best pals with France, we had the longest lastin' alliance, but we drifted apart due to religious views. And I get along great with the Baltics. They're good trading partners.

That's all fer now.
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    Scotland, ya eejits
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AlbaScottie AlbaScottie Aug 15, 2013 04:36AM
@FeliksLukasiewicz Whit dae ye mean introduce her? She's standin' righ' there! *Gestures to a seemingly invisible spot next to him*
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