Ask Scotland the Brave!

Ask Scotland the Brave!

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Alistair Kirkland By AlbaScottie Updated Dec 14, 2012

The red haired man frowned as he sat in the chair, his bright green eyes glaring daggers at the short, stubby, middle aged man before him with the same expression that many had come to associate with death. The middle aged man fidgeted in his seat, clearing his throat as he hugged his messenger bag to his chest.

"S-So, in order to i-improve your public relations h-her royal Majesty has d-decided th-that you shall answer q-questions from fellow nations and humans alike," the man finally managed to stutter out. A fine red eyebrow was raised, and the piercing green gaze never left the other man.

The personification of Scotland pulled out a pack of fags, sliding one out of the box, as his green eyes reduced the human before him to a stuttering mess. He placed the fag between his lips, and lighted it, a smirk curling the corners of his lips, as he leaned forward, blowing out a thin stream of smoke.

"That sae? An' whit if Ah decide nae tae dae it?" the man whimpered, holding his bag up as...

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rsgtrbvtrjnthntyntf rsgtrbvtrjnthntyntf May 29, 2013
This us utter garbage I come from Scotland and no one talks like this who is this man? why is he being interviewed? ugh this is just garbage!
Georgia_Jones Georgia_Jones Nov 23, 2012
On a scale 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Do you like Mr. England?