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Mature themes ahead

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SpYder H2O ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Oliver Lee Carter
Earth-65 : A SpiderBoy from Canada

Here We Go Again...

Bit By A Six Spotted Fishing Spider
Scientifically known as a Dolomedes Triton


Certified Pescatarian.
eats wayy too much salt.

College graduate in English.

Works as a life guard at an outside pool.

Wears guy liner

Too Sweet and oblivious to notice his
grandparents manipulation.

Hides his trauma behind his kind caring
nature, taking care of others before himself,
ignoring his own problems

Still feeling trapped in his grandparents home..
He sneaks out in order to fight crime.

When he ends up in another dimension
he goes in through a glitch whirlpool


I've tried to spin it 'bout a thousand
different ways, But from every angle,
the outlook is the same
I swear that I'm not a cynic...

My glass just has no water in it today...


"I think about leaving sometimes..."
-where would you go?-
"Anywhere... just not here.."


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Story by Oliver Lee Carter