Eli Evans
Uses They/Them pronouns
(unless they feel more masc/fem that day)

Pagan/Wiccan NonBinary Skater, aspiring model, living off government funding, working at a Gotham Cafe, also wants to be a hero using their Witchy abilities


"I Am The vengeful Child Of A Witch!"


• Be gone I say!
I could burn your motherfuckn village to the ground
I do not roll over like a motherfuckn hound
I could crack your skull between these motherfuckn thighs
I could doom your lineage with one look from these eyes
I could name the date in which they'll put you in the ground
You're the one who said its justice watching witches drown

Touch me again and I'll cut off your hand
There are some things you'll never understand
You do not dance everyday with the fear
Of living in headlights, the hunted, the deer

I could tell your mother bout that night you held my drink
What I wouldn't give to empty you into my sink
You can think you own me 'cos you pay to see my loins
But I'm the one who's naked with a pocketful of coins
You can slay the dragon like a motherfuckn man
But give me three days you'll both be eatin' from my hand •

• It's funny how it all goes down
Don't be sorry when it comes around
I'm like, Oh my god, I think it's karma
Ain't it funny how it all adds up
When you're always tryna push your luck? •

• It's your own damn fault boy, you handed us the broom, 400 years ago saying 'you know what to do', yes sir we do, Beep Beep coming through, close your damn mouth, my man, I told you we flew. •


"Feel free to tell everyone I am the monster in your story, but please don't forget to mention in which chapter you created me."

MBV stolen by : @Cruoric
Multiverse, multiship
Penned by Boo
  • Blackwell Academy Exchange student ((When they were younger, 18-19)) or Gotham (( When they’re a lil older, 20-23)), Dead in The Pride Ring of Hell at 27 ((semi cannon for Hellaverse))
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Living in headlights, Hunted like Deer ((MB/S)) by -_Witchy_Skater_-
Living in headlights, Hunted like...
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