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If you like anime, you'll like Cyber Abyss! Please read it. ^_^ (Also I'm not that active in chat.) My name is Solemn-san. I'm a gamer. But I love JRPGs the most. -Final Fantasy 5,6,7,9,10,12, crisis core, war of the lions, tactics advance -Pokemon -YS VII -Fire Emblem Awakening -Fire Emblem Fates (stopped midway) -Advance Wars -Bravely Default,Rune Factory 4 (haven't finish them yet) Waiting for: -Horizon Zero Dawn -Nier: Automata -Persona 5 -YS VIII My hobbies are: -playing video games (especially JRPGs such as Pokemon and Final Fantasy & NBA 2k16) -playing basketball -listening to music -watching and reading anime and manga -writing anime light novel Favorite Animes? -Code Geass -To Aru Majutsu no Index -Hajime no Ippo -Flame of Recca -The Law of Ueki -Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come -Yakitate!! Japan -Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters -One Punch Man Naruto will always be my third all time favorite. I can't decide between One Piece and Hunter X Hunter for my first and second place. There are a lot of good anime and manga out there but I believe the ones that I mentioned are my all time favorites ^_^ MUSIC IS LIFE! But seriously, I can't live a single day without my smartphone and earphones ^_^ I'm writing mainly to ease my depression. And English is my second language. I'm currently working on Cyber Abyss as my primary project. I also have several other story ideas and plot lines but I just want to focus first on my first novel to improve my writing. By the way, Wattpad is the only publishing site that I will use. Current Works: -Cyber Abyss Volume 1: The Kingdom of new Tokyo -Cyber Abyss Volume 2: A Guild Called Trinity -Cyber Abyss: The Daily Lives in New Tokyo -Cyber Abyss Character Databook Plans: -Cyber Abyss Volume 3: Guild Wars (2017) -Daku Cyber Abyss I hope you'll like my light novels. Thanks!
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Let us cry for the sinking ship for a moment... Alright that's enough. Here to read and sometimes write, I prefer fantasy and horror. I like watching animes, but never considered myself an otaku. Just a guy that likes anime. Oh, and I also love Visual Novels. Because of their story and... other reasons. My favorite VN is Grisaia no Kajitsu. If you liked VN as much as I do, then definitely check it out... if you haven't. Anyway, every vote I receive means the world to me, and I also appreciate any feedback because I am still learning.
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Welcome to my page! Here you will find an arsenal of action packed, funny, gun blazing, sword swinging, knife slashing, adventurous, big explosions, adrenaline pumping war/action stories.
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30ish author living and trying to work in Washington State. After saving up some money i quit my job to take up writing. Im getting better at it as time goes on. (I hope.) Of course i love MMO's and any RPG. My first one i can recall was Ultima Online. What a blast that was.
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New story going to be made, here's the title: The Divine and Shadows
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I'm a 27 year old nerd. I love videogames, rpgs, programming, sewing my own clothes, knitting cute sweaters, cooking, singing, reading and writing. I read mostly science fiction (Asimov is my fav), but I also enjoy adventure novels such as Wilbur Smith's. I might look tiny and frail, but I'm actually pretty strong and determined (I think stubborn would be a better term). I'm not a girly girl. I don't like mushy chick flics and love poems, but I do love a great love story. It just has to be decorated with gore and unnecessary violence all over. Eg. Spartacus... GREAT love story ;) I live with my high school sweetheart and our daughter. This is rather strange because I usually like girls over boys, but he's a special case. He's always been one of the girls and seems to be made especially for me. We are a good intellectual and emotional match and he's the first man I've ever felt a real connection with. He's not like any man I've known and I'm thankful for that because I generally dislike men. So competitive, full of themselves, and crazy about sports. Urg. My daughter can be a pain in the neck sometimes, but she's really sweet and super smart. She likes heavy metal already and headbangs to that kind of music. I like sewing for her :) People says she's surprisingly well behaved and intelligent for her age. Guess she tries not to be bratty in public =P I used to have plenty of friends (despite having been bullied all my life) but most of them have back stabbed me so I let them go (more like kicked them out of my life ;). I've recently met two wonderful people who became my best friends in the space of a few months and they have taught me that it's possible to have friends who don't abuse your kindness. Edit: Ok, no. Scratch that last bit XD People will be people. If you wanna have an interesting, mature chat about whatever, just PM me. I don't bite =) RECORDS: Caged - A pet-girl's story Science Fiction #52
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I write LitRPG, Action/Adventure, Pure Action, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Slice of Life stories. My favorites include everything I've published here and elsewhere such as Hell's Glitch, Average Joe, Psy-Hunters, Story of K, Lianda and the Dream Reader, and of course Hell Warriors. I was born and raised in Detroit Michigan and grew up poor. Thanks to that, I had to learn to use my imagination. I drew a lot and created a lot of what I called "storylines" with my toys and with my drawings. Every story had its own universe and never crossed even though I used the same action figures in each. Wrestling never crossed into my superpowered fighting story and neither of those crossed into my mecha storyline, so in essence I've been training to be a writer my whole life. I hope to soon get to share the worlds I've been building for the last nine years with you all some day. Those worlds include Hell Warriors, Story of K, Cyborgs and Deadmen, and Pannam which are all working titles at this point. I also want to thank you for supporting Hell's Glitch and it's official release on Amazon ( as well as my other ventures such as Hell Warriors. If you're a gamer, hit me up. I'm a huge fan of Legacy of Kain, Borderlands, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, and a ton of other games from the Sega Genesis on up. I'm also a political junkie.
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About me: Hello there, I'm glad you came to check me out. My name is Mason, and I am a 21-year-old attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am an American Citizen who enjoys hobbies such as Reading, Writing, Gaming, and Programming. I have written many stories, but my biggest and proudest work must be DungeonSword Online, a novel I am currently writing about a specific VRMMORPG that thousands of players are trapped within. It's a unique read, and is quite different from other VRMMORPG stories out there, so I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment anywhere on this website that contains my work, and I will try to get back to you within a week. You can also contact me at: Email: Twitter: @themasonian Website: Please note that these addresses can change at any moment, so you're best just using Wattpad. Thank you for checking me out! - @TheMasonian
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--------------------------------------------------------- Hello there, I see you stumbled upon my Account. Well, I like to write and read, especially any Science fiction stories, most preferably Star Wars and halo. I don't really do any sports besides swimming. I like to play video games when I'm not reading. Other than that if you want me to read something you wrote just tell me. I have been robbed by: Thrive XD A few things you should know about my writings. 1. I will over use my OC character Ian, Heather, and Abi. Why? Cause they are my first successful OC characters. So yea. 2. I prioritize on writing action and adventure the most. (occasionally Mystery) and then my second priority is romance (cause I don't know a lot about writing it) 3. My stories will either A. Be heavily based off of something I REALLY like (or knock off if you haters want to call it) B. Be an original story with a few minor things from franchises I like (let's say UNSC halo weapons or RWBY weapons) 4. All my stories will ALWAYS be rated T. Nothing more and nothing less. The reason Is because of a few cuss words every now and then but they won't be heavily used 5. I will always take ideas and recommendations. Same Vice versa, I will always be glad to help another author.
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Hello and welcome to my Wattpad, I am an everyday anime freak otaku who's Seventeen. In my spare time I use Wattpad And write such things as continuation stories, Fan-Fics, and Originals by yours truly. I am an amateur at writing and in no way a Professional at it, i love writing i consider it one of my many hobbies in life besides anime, music, and video games. (Updates currently are kind of really slow...)