One Shots // Harry Styles by zzooee_xxoo
One Shots // Harry Styles by zzooee_xxoo Fanfiction
Short stories // Harry Styles Warning: Very detail, read at your own risk ;)
Something Unexpected by NaniGarcia
Something Unexpected by Nani Teen Fiction
Alana Mitchell knew four things: It was her fault her father was dead. It was her fault that her mother turned into an alcoholic, drug-addicted psycho. If it weren't...
4522 {The Number Series} by imaginationNationX
4522 {The Number Series} by Sorrel Ann Nations Adventure
The Number Series (A Dystopian Society) Highest ranking: #1 in Adventure 4522. Both a name and a number that had labeled many. Within a society of living, yet not ali...
Troublemaker. by d-m-px
Troublemaker. by scarletwitch✨ Teen Fiction
"You're just a troublemaker." I say while rolling my eyes. "I don't hear you complaining though, baby." He smirks back at me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
The Teenage Guide To Popularity by wendythestoryteller
The Teenage Guide To Popularity by S. Mino Teen Fiction
For Carter Vance, popularity is a world that she has purposely distanced herself from for many years. Why feed in to the totally superficial, social hierarchy of high s...
Married To The Mafia by AlexandraCapone
Married To The Mafia by Alexandra Capone Teen Fiction
Alessandra Danatellio is a sweet Italian h who works hard to do her part in her family. She's a very good girl who puts in extra shifts at the café and loves her family...
Broken Wings | c.s. by scarlettrays
Broken Wings | c.s. by scarlett a. Teen Fiction
[c.s.] coming soon ❝she was broken, I helped her.❞ ❝he was broken, now he's not.❞ ❝after all, you're just an angel, with broken wings.❞ ...
Where The Roses Grow by McKenzie282
Where The Roses Grow by Kenzie Peay Short Story
April and Ember are inseparable twin sisters who share a deep bond. When life causes them to separate Ember struggles to find peace but eventually grasps it through a pu...
Burger To The Face  by Stitch_1205
Burger To The Face by Melanie✔️ Humor
" How dare you Ivey! I can't believe you would stoop that low. After being best friends for 12 years! " I scream, the cafeteria falls silent. I still can't bel...
From Ashes To Embers by Colourfulltearss
From Ashes To Embers by Ashley Blaes Action
"Death. In a world so full of hate and division, it is the only thing that discriminates against no one and nothing. Everyone is going to die, it is a fact of life...
Luna Prep by rrenujuvvadi
Luna Prep by SWEETSAVAGE Werewolf
"My parents warned me about the drugs on the streets. But never about the ones with big blue eyes and a heart beat." __________________________________________...
Finding The Mafia Boss's Hideout by mintyblossom
Finding The Mafia Boss's Hideout by chong jojun balsa Action
Si Yani Esidro ay isang normal na babae lamang. Gumigising ng maaga para magtrabaho para sa kanyang sariling ikabubuhay. Isa siyang magaling at tinitingalang police. Kin...
Thug Love of Manhattan In NYC by amirah_bubbles
Thug Love of Manhattan In NYC by amirah_bubbbles Romance
Courtney Simms a girl in her last year of high school gets into a fight at school, and gets a diagnosis with a life changing illness. Just as life couldn't get any wors...
Poems, Quotes, & Cake by Nmarieisme