The Locker Letters by fictitiouspastery
The Locker Letters by •Libby•
Jackie Kambel is absolutely dreading the nearing Valentines Day. When she finds a note and some gummies from her "secret admirer" she starts to rethink things...
  • candy
  • sourpatchkids
  • letters
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Never Fall For You by kendellhartman
Never Fall For You by kendellhartman
You can't fall in love with someone you hated your whole life... Can You?
  • spksadcontest
Trapped With The Bad Boy by battleaxeb
Trapped With The Bad Boy by Satan's Mistress
Alex Spencer despises Aiden Black, the cliche bad boy, from the years of bullying. Alex generally avoids speaking to her bully, while Aiden goes out of his way to run in...
  • spksadcontest
  • school
  • badboy
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Irresistible by TheSilentWriter23
Irresistible by Kaylynn
Kaia Winters is what you'd call a recluse. Literally, her picture is next to it in the Webster Dictionary. Although she isn't a stunner in the looks department, her ge...
  • funny
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When Miss Sweet Meets Mr. Sour by sourpatchkids
When Miss Sweet Meets Mr. Sour by Sour Patch Kids
When Olivia, a senior in high school, is unexpectedly paired up for a presentation with her middle school bully, Danny Johnson, she is anything but pleased. She still se...
  • spksadcontest
My Candy Thief by morgantazevedo
My Candy Thief by Morgan Azevedo
(Previously titled 'The Sour Patch Thief') Charlotte Edmund isn't all that popular, she doesn't dislike that many people but one person she does is Alan Peters. He is th...
  • date
  • highschool
  • thief
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By the way I hate you (Jai Waetford Fanfic) by laylajxde
By the way I hate you (Jai Waetfor... by Layla Jade
Jai Waetford is a famous 15 year old from Campbelltown and Gemma is the same age from Cambelltown as well. One day Gemma and her sister go to a Jai Waetford performance...
  • undiscoveredgems
  • jai
  • bythewayihateyou
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Vodka #SPKSADcontest by annanlarkin
Vodka #SPKSADcontest by Anna N. Larkin
Stephanie Dunham was in love with her best friend, Jackson Howell, their entire lives. What she did know was that he felt the same way, until the night before he went of...
  • teenfiction
  • romance
  • valentinesday
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Not so Sour Love spksad finalist by KevinaOyatedor
Not so Sour Love spksad finalist by kevina
It's not that Sean hates Valentine's Day, he just hates how most people think this is the only day to show love. Miranda, his best friend, could maybe change that. one o...
  • humor
  • holidays
  • spksadcontest
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alexithymia by settle-
alexithymia by nova.
oneshots. extras. writing, basically.
  • oneshot
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  • boysssssss
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Sweet and Sour by thejogeorges
Sweet and Sour by Joanna Sarah
Amber Sweet is the totally opposite of her name. She's the girl who gives you the cold slap of reality. She's pessimistic, rude, and overly sacatsic. Spencer James is t...
  • love
  • spksadcontest
  • story
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Her Secret Valentine [Short Story] by Lucifers-Left-Lung
Her Secret Valentine [Short Story] by picasso
Amanda Johnston hated Valentine's Day with a passion. Every year, she sits on her couch eating ice cream and watching bad movies, ignoring the fact that she's, once agai...
  • high
  • valentinesday
  • love
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The Case of the Missing Sour Patch Kids #SPKSADCONTEST by kpgcatlover
The Case of the Missing Sour Patch... by kpgcatlover
In which a girl's favorite treat goes missing and she searches to find out who took them. (hiii, this is my entry into the #SPKSADcontest -- enjoy)
  • story
  • love
  • sour
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Starbucks Secret Menu (Wattys2015) by peonyandpolka
Starbucks Secret Menu (Wattys2015) by Jamie
Where all secrets are revealed.
  • secret
  • macchiato
  • frappuccino
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