Sweet Summer Song

Sweet Summer Song

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When Midnight Mayhem signed up to go on a summer tour, it was almost guaranteed that Jessie Taylor would be coming along for a couple of shows with her long-time boyfriend, drummer Brett Harrison. Jessie had been there since Day One, when the band was practicing from a garage and playing for an audience of ten people, if they were lucky. She’d been their biggest supporter, and had planned to continue to be as they took their band to the next level.

Nobody predicted the argument between Jessie and Brett the night before the boys were set to leave on their tour, the way that it escalated almost immediately through heated words and accusations, and the resulting break-up that happened just hours before Midnight Mayhem left for their three month tour.

Now the boys are back for their one last show, and Jessie has a decision to make. Does she leave the past in the past? Or is Brett Harrison worth the heartbreak and a second chance?

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