Shatter Pieces by Aubreydemoux
Shatter Piecesby Dawnosaur
"You are nothing, just a worthless piece of garbage!" He yelled as he hit me. I stayed silent as he hit me over and over again. There was no use in trying to g...
  • silent
  • love
  • emotionalrollercoaster
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Put Together by Aubreydemoux
Put Togetherby Dawnosaur
"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I yell and crawl to the back of my cell. I can't take any more of this, I can't do this anymore! "I don't take orders from you, it's t...
  • protective
  • panicattacks
  • romance
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DarkWeb by TaliaVines
DarkWebby Talia Vines
{WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} {Highest Rank #1 Mystery/Thriller} When the FBI approaches 22 year old Wren Bower to work as an informant, she knows she'll take the job no matt...
  • lovetriangle
  • cosmoreads
  • thriller
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The Strength of Humanity (A Naruto Fan Fiction) by Insomniac_Lullabies
The Strength of Humanity (A Insomniac_Lullabies
Cashile Kuroki has discovered the Frailty of Genius, the shortcomings of prodigious talent, the weakness that comes with strength. Standing alone she fell, with no one t...
  • frailty
  • shippuden
  • love
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Devil's Lake by light-in-darkness
Devil's Lakeby Angela Merlo
ONLY HE CAN CURE HER ANXIETY || Highest rank - #3 in Paranormal 2016 || Tormented by severe phobias, Alison Halse is tempted to end her life. That is until she meets Ph...
  • pnr
  • supernatural
  • depression
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Brøken/Depressed Pøems  by LostSoulBrokenMind
Brøken/Depressed Pøems by QWN
//My first poetry book// (Completed) A collection of some possibly triggering poems about depression and self harm.Some of these may be twisted and dark, sorry. Most of...
  • completed
  • suicidalthoughts
  • anxious
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Collide (A Sanders Sides FanFiction) by waterviking4
Collide (A Sanders Sides Helie Bloom
Anxiety usually would have a panic attack, he's anxiety for crying out loud! Usually Roman would support him and help him through it, but can he help his friend when thi...
  • anxiety
  • thomas
  • princxiety
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The Bow Brothers by Charlotte21102015
The Bow Brothersby Charlotte21102015
My heart physically hurt "I don't know what you want from me" I whimpered and took another step back but he closed the space "I want you to understand t...
  • badboy
  • beating
  • gắng
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Bat Brothers (one shots, shorts, YJ) by CourtNicxYJ_Robin
Bat Brothers (one shots, shorts, Courtney
One shots and shorts that are surrounded around the bat bros: Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. Mature content. JayDick, JayTim, JayRoy, TimKon, BirdFlash, Damian a...
  • nightwing
  • birdflash
  • kidflash
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Virgil Suffering  by angsty_female_teen
Virgil Suffering by
TRIGGER WARNING MENTIONS OF SUICIDE, PANIC ATTACKS, AND SELF HARM Anxiety is anxiety and therefore in constant suffering. What happens when the others realise how deep...
  • fluff
  • patton
  • roman
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Trust, Heal and Love by booklovertash
Trust, Heal and Loveby booklovertash
Young mother Clare has been on the run for a year. Living in fear, she's continuously on the move; determined to keep herself and young daughter safe. Escaping her old p...
  • child
  • beta
  • flashback
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Sarcasm •°•°★°•°• Anxiety X Reader by UniverseOfSanders
Sarcasm •°•°★°•°• Anxiety X Readerby Cameron Wilder
Candice is a VERY big Fander. Huge. She enjoys everything Thomas Sanders. Smut warning. There will be magic. Anxiety has Black Magic. It's just for the story base. This...
  • anxietyattack
  • happy
  • superwoman
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Abnormal ↠ Ponyboy Curtis by floweryhaim
Abnormal ↠ Ponyboy Curtisby Dork❥
Why do bad things happen to good people? Fate. "I'm not normal. Why can't you see that?! I'm a freak!" "And why can't you realize that being a freak is a...
  • theoutsiders
  • sodapop
  • romance
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Devil's Doorway by light-in-darkness
Devil's Doorwayby Angela Merlo
THERE'S FREEDOM IN MIND CONTROL || Alison Halse never thought a suicide attempt would lead her into the arms of a man who can compel the human mind. As frightening as mi...
  • romance
  • panicattacks
  • supernatural
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Wishes Do Come True  (Severitus/Sevitus) by otaku6337
Wishes Do Come True (Severitus/ Otaku6337
The Wish Magics gave him a girl's body and Severus Snape: Meet Arianna Katherine Snape. Daughter of Severus Snape since a week and a half into the Summer Holidays, origi...
  • slytherin
  • abuse
  • fluff
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You're Driving Me Mental - Phan by dil-finds-phan
You're Driving Me Mental - Phanby Quest For Narnia
Phil is the new patient at an adolescent mental health unit. A young Dan is told to keep an eye on him but apparently, not caring causing things to go down hill. Will P...
  • complete
  • selfharm
  • phan
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Hope Whispers by kateluvvn
Hope Whispersby kateluvvn
At the beginning of Senior year, one of the few things that were on Madi Anderson's to-do list was to graduate smoothly without struggle . But with anxiety and insecurit...
  • love
  • humor
  • nerd
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Human //Stiles Stilinski by fandomstcries
Human //Stiles Stilinskiby Fandomstoriess
Stiles is finally coming out gay to his Dad and friends, but now there's an even bigger problem- Derek's back. And Stiles' panic attacks are becoming more frequent- and...
  • sterek
  • teenwolf
  • fanfic
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manan : aye humnuva by adhvimalik
manan : aye humnuvaby angel malik
story about a girl who have bad past and manik who is badly finding someone to know more follow me or read my story .....
  • arav
  • truelove
  • manan
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Little Sister?! (Osomatsu-San x reader) by LuckyDuckyOtaku
Little Sister?! (Osomatsu-San x Kenny
You were adopted by the parents of the Matsuno brothers. As if they didn't already have enough kids... You are eighteen while your six older brothers are in their twenti...
  • love
  • sextuplets
  • brothers
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