Ecstasy | Into The Night by El_Senor
Ecstasy | Into The Night by it's izzi
Tubuh letih seorang lelaki melangkah lemah menuju ke dapur. Air masak yang dituang ke dalam gelas kaca itu diteguk laju-laju olehnya. Sepanjang kepulangannya, tidak keli...
  • love
  • erotik
  • nafsu
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A Roadtrip to Nowhere - (18+) by drxwbixbxr
A Roadtrip to Nowhere - (18+) by +
He was someone who belonged in my wildest fantasies instead of a rest stop in the middle of Nebraska. A sexy, cocky, Canadian named Justin was the last person I expected...
  • romance
  • novel
  • justin
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Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Paul Vincent
Three Spacecraft, two-hundred-and-forty colonists, twenty-five trillion miles and a discovery that changes everything. Astronomicon: The Beginning follows the human race...
  • featured
  • sci-fi
  • action
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boy-best-friend by swevengirl
boy-best-friend by baby
Hi nama aku Husna Humaira. Ini kisah hidup aku. Ok one day tu suddenly mama and papa said that i have a tunang since kecik lagi. Oh My God! What have happened actually...
  • novelmelayu
  • lovestory
  • swevengirl
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Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard by lone_smile
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Wo... by Lei_Xi
DISCLAIMER This is a Chinese Translated Novel All Contents of this Story solely belong to the Author (Passion Honey) Translation made by: Yunyi Sypnosis On the wedding...
  • marriage
  • jealousy
  • celebrity
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[Bab 401-600] TDKCHW : The Rebellious Good for Nothing Miss by EniLatif
[Bab 401-600] TDKCHW : The Rebelli... by Latif
part dalam lapak ini akan di privat secara acak. jadi siap-siap follow aku ya .. Happy reading ^_^
  • nangong
  • huaxia
  • luo
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The McBride Series 9 : Shades of Violet (18+) by cLasPakaclaire
The McBride Series 9 : Shades of V... by CLaireASPiras
The McBride series can be read as stand alone novels. Meet Violet Blair McBride, the youngest but not the least heiress of Ari and Jace's children. This is the finale st...
  • rated18
  • wattpadhq
  • virgin
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The Evil Concubine by winderlust
The Evil Concubine by Mei
24th Century's Young Miss Wei Leifan closed her eyes only to find herself in another woman's body and not only did she exchanged souls she also transmigrated to an era s...
  • evil
  • harem
  • transmigration
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I Got Reincarnated Into A Fantasy Novel As A Doted Young Miss  by PazoWritter
I Got Reincarnated Into A Fantasy... by Pazo-chan
I am walking on my way home with my eyes focusing on my phone as I am scrolling down looking to different posts and messages. I suddenly stopped from scrolling, reading...
  • secretlystrong
  • originalnovel
  • reincarnation
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Please, You're Mine ! by nurulshazliyana
Please, You're Mine ! by S
Karya kelima @nurulshazliyana Mula mula kita kawan, lama lama nanti bercintalah! Itulah yang ditanam dalam hati masing masing dalam memahami usia perkahwinan muda. Setel...
  • wattys
  • romance
  • novelmalaysia
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There's A Jock in My Bed! (BoyxBoy) [✓] by Poetically-Damaged
There's A Jock in My Bed! (BoyxBoy... by Not With A Whimper, But With...
#1 & 3 in the "There's A..." series. #2 is on my profile. [Editing] He's popular, I'm a nobody. He's a senior, I'm a freshman. He goes to wild parties, I sta...
  • lgbt
  • romance
  • manxman
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Astronomicon 2: Distant Relatives by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 2: Distant Relatives by Paul Vincent
The sequel to "Astronomicon: The Beginning" marks a serious and exciting expansion of the scenario. When what was thought to be an asteroid cloud turns out to...
  • president
  • secret
  • space-opera
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Forever His (Interracial Adult Novel) by NicoleMckoy
Forever His (Interracial Adult Nov... by NicoleMckoy
Hunter and Kaylyn have been together for two years. They've over come a lot just to be together. Hunter once being afraid of commitment has taken the biggest step of his...
  • white
  • family
  • life
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Daily Posts 3: Quest for Oddness by Oziach
Daily Posts 3: Quest for Oddness by Adam Claus (The Cinnamon Roll)
[Highest Rank: #77 in Humor] Ever wanted to read a random book about some guy's opinion that you more or less don't care about? What about one of the few rant books tha...
  • opinions
  • humor
  • story
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Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [Part 2] (CPN) by Angelvahn
Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [... by Vasyl Park
The gaming format «R.E.M. D.I.V.E» Rapid Eye Movement, Digital interface with Virtual Environments, often called «Dream Gaming». The world's leading Game, Mystical Awake...
  • futuristic
  • fiction
  • science
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Brush Up by jadannpace
Brush Up by jadann 🎄
⭐ "Hello there, this is Gordon Town Dentistry, my name is Jaxson, how may I help you?" "Why do all the dentists sound so hot?" "Exscuse me...
  • novel
  • relationships
  • adanthedoll
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Problem List by kpgcatlover
Problem List by kpgcatlover
"I don't chase many girls, at least, not more than one at a time," he says mysteriously, only heightening my curiosity. "But when I do have a girl to chas...
  • love
  • list
  • jace
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Surrogate Mother by farasyazana
Surrogate Mother by Fara Syazana
Zayyan Adha. Seorang CEO muda yang sangat berjaya. Zayyan pernah di kecewakan oleh bekas kekasihnya sehinggakan Zayyan menutup pintu hatinya untuk menerima mana - mana g...
  • doctor
  • family
  • teen
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To be a Virtuous Wife by Ren_Hakugyoku
To be a Virtuous Wife by Ren_Hakugyoku
As a virtuous wife, does it include tolerating his cousin, enduring his concubines, bearing his mother? If you will not let me live freely, why would I let you live in s...
  • nobles
  • imperialharem
  • chinesenovel
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Mr.Annoying, Mr. Husband by intanQaisara
Mr.Annoying, Mr. Husband by intanQaisara
Alya Imani - Jantung ni rasa macam nak tercabut je bila tengok dia senyum, ketawa. Ya Allah dugaan apakah INI... Azfar Khairi - Kau jangan nak melebih-lebih. Tak pasal-p...
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