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Just ordinary and unperfect women, buat enjoy my wonderfull life with my husband and family Have high imagination about romance story career woman in audit finance section, very happy wife, and writer a romance story : Passionate of Love series , colorful of love boxset and many more ( coming soon ) feel so blessed and full of love for everyone who reading my book, i love u all :))
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Welcome to my page! Take your shoes off, relax, and fall into some realistic romance. My name is ( Tai ) Author name is ( B Soul ) - Born July 1st 1991- I'm generally goofy,friendly, and an open person. I love to laugh. Get to know me? + + Contact Me; - Published by Barnes&Noble (1/12/14) [ Phat-A$$ Links: ] Barnes&Nobles ( ) PhatA$$ can now be found for free on my profile :) -I truly appreciate all my readers. With out you...who am I?- I love you all VERY VERY much. ---------------------------------------------- Warning: If I lose interest/motivation in a story. I WILL delete it, but I will tell you before hand;) IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION FROM ME PERSONALLY. YOU CANNOT, AND CANNOT EVER; COPY, CONTINUE, OR USE ANY OF MY IDEAS. ALL VIOLATORS WILL BE DEALT WITH. Covers, pictures, and images used were all found on GOOGLE. Including those of actual people. They have been manipulated by me. I credit all materials to those of their rightful owners. -Stay Beautiful&&Be Blessed- {B soul}
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I write YA paranormal romance novels, including the New York Times Bestselling series the Trylle Trilogy and the Kanin Chronicles. My Wattpad fans will get the first look at my latest books - including my upcoming stand alone novel "Freeks." Set in the 1980s, Freeks follows Gideon Davorin's Traveling Sideshow, where necromancy, magical visions, and pyrokinesis are more than just part of the act... Exclusive excerpts of the Kanin Chronicles - including the novelette "The King's games" - and Watersong series are also posted here at Wattpad. To find out more about Freeks, the Kanin Chronicles, Watersong, and all my other books, please visit my website. Please check out the excerpts, ask questions, and share your thoughts, and I'll be replying and posting new info.
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Hi, Pembaca > Call me SaiRein - or anything you want, I don't really care > Don't ask me about my PRIVATE live > Don't STALK me > Don't tell me to make another sequel. My stories aren't some random Storynovela > VOTE my stories if you like it > FAN me if you like me > I don't need some close-minded moron. Mind your own business, Dude/Gal > I'll respect you if you respect me and other reader > I love reading, writing and drawing > I read everything except Artist-Fanfic > I am not GAY-WRITER so stop request any GAY-LESBIAN-STORY to me > Don't give your link story on my profile or my story, just send me via message and I'll see yours > If you want to make another sequel about my stories, ask me first > Don't copy my works, or you'll regret it. My works is going on Wattpad or my blog only > Read my Note first before you ask me something. If I didn't respond you, it means I already give you mine in my NOTE in every PART > Stop bullying me, YOU FREAKING STUPID ARROGANT CLOSE MINDED MORON! > Don't read my story if you against it > READ my TERMS and CONDITIONS > RIP Mode, see you later Contact Me: fb: twitter: @sai_rein fb page: line: @sairein Self Publishing: Amour Cafe ( I Love You Mr Gay Email with Love ( or line @sairein) Cara pesan novel: 1. Kirim nama, alamat dan no telpmu ke salah satu contact. PM biar aman. 2. Akan ada konfirmasi via SMS 3. Transfer uangnya ke tempat yang sudah ditunjuk SMS 4. Scan slip bukti pembayran dan kirim ke salah satu contact beserta dengan kode dari SMS 5. Buku akan dikirim Gampang kan? Planning on printing > Are you smarter than me, Mr Charming? (July, 2015) > Mr Arrogant (May, 2015)
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A B O U T: 19, college student, writer. a part of the BeyHive, & Michael B. Jordan is my husband. my dreams are as big as the world, and I vow to make them all come true. i'm really sweet, or so i've been told, and i love to write, which is why i'm here. R E Q U E S T S: i am not taking any reading requests or cover-making requests. C O N T A C T: >>my wattpad inbox works fine. >> >> twitter: @jusscallmekay >> ig: @juss.callmekay >> tumblr: B O O K S | in order of completion: GYM Series: Get Ya Money (Book 1) | currently editing GYM Series: Get Ya Money 2 (Book 2) | currently editing GYM Series: Get Ya Money 3: The Final Straw (Book 3) | currently editing Nobody But You | completed Perfectly Imperfect (Bryson Tiller) | ongoing F & D Series: Fire & Desire (Book 1) | ongoing "you'll lose your mind trying to understand mine..."
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Find me on: IG: rtrissellam • trissella • Hello, Sella here. Go check my works please :)) Part of @Voksta Works: Let Me be Yours (completed) Benana (completed) Trust (completed) Oneshot: Seandainya (completed) Oneshot: Leave your Lover (completed) Oneshot: Elegi (completed) Oneshot: Riana (completed) To be with YOU (completed) Please, Ann (completed) Kepingan yang Hilang (completed) Ja Altea (completed) Kamu dan Jelaga Rindu (completed) Worry in Space (on going)
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Born in Cilegon, Banten. February 1st, 1998. My Stories are (not) all about One Direction. luvya, -ichanfta ♡♥♡
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hai im Reii , i'm bad at making a sumary..just enjoy the stories :) * Like Love Inter Fb: * Like Love Inter wattpad : *original novel : your vote and coment its like a vitamin for me :) thank you for your support and following me :D :D and Thank You Angelina and Emry Jrys for this awesome works!! feel free to ask anything about the series or the novel :) you can use English or Bahasa :)
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Bukan rasis, bukan apatis. Cuma cowok yg lebih suka menulis. CP: LINE: ipulrs IG: ipulrs
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First of all, I do a review stuff for "chapter for a chapter". PM me, don't be shy!