Diabolik Lovers one shots by EmmiUssa
Diabolik Lovers one shots by That Awkward Person Fanfiction
Just a book full of one-shots, scenarios, and zodiac signs relating to Diabolik Lovers. I don't write lemons though. I hope you enjoy✨
diabolik lovers x Male! reader by lunarautenbach
diabolik lovers x Male! reader by lunarautenbach Fanfiction
What if there wasn't just the six of the sakamaki brothers.What if there was another brother that the sakamakis didn't know about. [m/n] is the second youngest sakamaki...
The Shattered Mirror[Diabolik Lovers X OC]  by AriRichli
The Shattered Mirror[Diabolik Love... by Ari Richli Fanfiction
What's behind her broken mirror facade? (Collab with @Maskhood)
Diabolik Lovers Scenarios Oneshots Flufs Lemons by lunarsama2
Diabolik Lovers Scenarios Oneshots... by lunarsama2 Vampire
hi there it's meh yours truly the author lunarsama2 in this book I'll write about dl requests are open so write down in the comments I'll write flufs lemons and oneshots...
Bewitched By Death { DL x Reader }  by DazedGalaxyCat
Bewitched By Death { DL x Reader } by ☾V E G A☽ Fanfiction
"Everything changes and, somewhere along the line, I'm changing with it." - Eric Burdon Previously known as - Slowly Changing | D I S...
Emotions- Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction by LilyKurosaki
Emotions- Diabolik Lovers Fanficti... by LilyKurosaki Fanfiction
Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction After the death of her family Lily is alone and sent to an orphanage. After years of moving from place to place she is adopted by Tougo Sakama...
T O P S┊Diabolik Lovers🍃 by lShuta
T O P S┊Diabolik Lovers🍃 by ♕ U t a ♕ Random
『Porque hoy el fandom se pregunta; ¿Cual es el mejor?』 ┋Versión Generalizada┋@lShuta ┋No se aceptan copias, adaptaciones, etc.┋I+P:310717 ┋Primer libro de este estilo: X...
Diabolik Lovers One Shots & Lemons (Requests Open) by tacotacoyayay
Diabolik Lovers One Shots & Lemons... by Taco Unicorns Random
As the title says, it is one shots for those hot Diabolik Lovers guys. I luv them ~ ~ requests are open and lemons are welcome~
Diabolik Lovers One Shots and Scenarios by Noel-Universe-Travel
Diabolik Lovers One Shots and Scen... by Theo Fanfiction
I'm Rin the author (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Requests, votes, and comments are always welcome! >One Shots >Scenarios >Crackfics
The Scars [Diabolik Lovers] by sneakygitsune
The Scars [Diabolik Lovers] by Haru Fanfiction
Ayako Hirose, she is the girl who is beautiful but later she has lots of scars due to others jealous of her being beautiful. Her parents were dead since she was 5 and sh...
Blood. [ Completed ] by DirtyNastyVans
Blood. [ Completed ] by 회색 사회 Vampire
"Daddy i was just playing around" "Baby girl it's too late to say that" Lilith had a normal life until she finds out that she is the mate...
Yui's Little Sister (Diabolik lovers x Reader by KelThaCorgi
Yui's Little Sister (Diabolik love... by KelIsWriting Fanfiction
Everything was perfect for you , you had lots of friends , a caring sister , and most of all a singing career . However, when your father sent you to his friends mansi...
Diabolik Lovers...Stuff by jokersqueen64
Diabolik Lovers...Stuff by Mai Mukami Random
So basically this is a book about EVERYTHING Diabolik Lovers. Such as scenarios, cracks, lemons and of course one shots. So I hope you enjoy reader. Bye
Kou Mukami x Reader by TheAnimeGirl786
Kou Mukami x Reader by TheAnimeGirl786 Fanfiction
Kou Mukami x reader. Continuation of Pearl_Prism's great one-shot. I give all credit to Pearl_Prism for giving me permission to write a second part to her one-shot. Give...
Un Idol más [Kou Mukami & Tu] by GxmKos
Un Idol más [Kou Mukami & Tu] by GxmKos Fanfiction
Una chica nueva llega a la escuela nocturna Gakkō shingetsu, resulta ser que esa chica es una Idol famosa es todo Japón e incluso es reconocida en otros países. Con su l...
Deadly Sins - Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction by skittyloony418
Deadly Sins - Diabolik Lovers Fanf... by JC Fanfiction
The daughters of Elizabeth Von Einzvern the vampire queen were sent to her husband Tougo Sakamaki after her gruesome death. Her seven daughters that she had with Tougo w...
Diabolik Lovers - Daddy Scenarios (Mukami Edition) || Requests Open  by CoffeeLoffee
Diabolik Lovers - Daddy Scenarios... by ❀ death metal ❀ Fanfiction
|| REQUESTS OPEN || ♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡ Everyone loved the Sakamaki edition I did and wanted a Mukami version of Daddy Scenarios! So sit back and relax, it's time for Ruk...
Laito x reader by Ema_Mikaze
Laito x reader by Ema_Mikaze Random
You play as yui in this story
A Lost Soul ~ Diabolik Lovers Fanfic [DISCONTINUED] by Subarus_Silver_Knife
A Lost Soul ~ Diabolik Lovers Fanf... by Subarus_Silver_Knife Fanfiction
This is a Subaru x Reader Your name is Chloe Arnold. You where a normal teen age school girl that went to a normal high school. That's all antill one day............ ...
The Bond Between The Scars And Bandages(Azusa X Reader) (A Dialovers Fan-Fic) by SoulEater_vampfan22
The Bond Between The Scars And Ban... by SoulEater_vampfan22 Fanfiction
You have always had feelings for him since you first set your eyes onto him. No matter what he did you still cared about him. He does as well. The cuts and scrapes on yo...