Football One Shots by VamosBarcelona
Football One Shots by Winchester Fanfiction
One Shots of your favorite football players ⚽ [Requests are closed] 'One Shot series' #1
Unexpected Love by TalulaMendez
Unexpected Love by TalulaMendez Fanfiction
Cristiano Ronaldo and Dr Catalina Hernandez collide in an unexpected way. The worldwind romance is expected to fail because of the fact that famous footballers do not en...
Tension On The Pitch// Sequel to 'Tension' // ON HOLD by Futbol_Chic
Tension On The Pitch// Sequel to '... by Futbol Chic Fanfiction
ON HOLD // Mateja Nikolić. A name known for many reasons although out the world. 1, being that she was one of the best female Futbol players of all time, if not THE b...
Groupchat|Spain nt| by matsvhummels
Groupchat|Spain nt| by Kirah Fanfiction
When España accidentally adds the wrong person into their groupchat.
Angel || Dybala by DYB4L4
Angel || Dybala by DYB4L4 Fanfiction
los dos se siguen en las redes , pero nunca hablaron , una noche de cumpleaños se conocen ¿nacera el amor?
Groupchat 3|Real Madrid| by matsvhummels
Groupchat 3|Real Madrid| by Kirah Fanfiction
The team was done with groupchats... but oh so they thought they were.
⚣Loving the Golden Boy by EbonyEsque
⚣Loving the Golden Boy by ⁙Ebbsy⁙ Action
Austin is the golden boy of his high school soccer team; he's short, he's fast, he's not afraid to talk back to the officials - and he's got a score to settle with a coa...
Tension// Neymar Jr.  by Futbol_Chic
Tension// Neymar Jr. by Futbol Chic Fanfiction
"Ah, yes, Meet Johan, he is a bartender, Johan meet my friends Leo and Neymar, Neymar's very attractive trust me I know, but don't sleep with him, cause you just me...
Mr.Bale|Gareth Bale| by matsvhummels
Mr.Bale|Gareth Bale| by Kirah Fanfiction
In which a girl falls in love with her science teacher.
Celestial Striker {A NaLu Story} by TheHamsterNinja
Celestial Striker {A NaLu Story} by H♠mster Ninja Fanfiction
{1st book of Celestial series. Please read this one first before the other two to avoid massive confusion. Thank you!} Lucy is a hardcore soccer fan as well as a strong...
Bartra's Sister and Neymar's Lover. (Marc Bartra/Neymar Jr) by bartradasilva
Bartra's Sister and Neymar's Lover... by La Principita Fanfiction
The Bartra Siblings... Marc being the oldest one, he's basically taking care of his little sister and even if Gianna is younger she still tries to look after her big bro...
brb, ily ~ fc barcelona by starsheartsclouds
brb, ily ~ fc barcelona by a.l Fanfiction
"I stopped talking to you because I thought you would miss me. But in the end I'm the one missing you more than ever."
Real Madrid Group Chat ❤ by Infiniteyx
Real Madrid Group Chat ❤ by Infiniteyx Fanfiction
Saffron, an ordinary girl who works as a barista at Starbucks in the one and only city, Madrid. What happens when one day a certain someone accidentally adds her in a gr...
How You Get The Girl by fearlessisbeautiful
How You Get The Girl by Mess Of A Dreamer Teen Fiction
One quiet girl. One popular boy. What could possibly happen if their paths cross?
Football Preferences  by HelenaSousa9
Football Preferences by L E N A Random
If you love footballers just as much as I do read this... enjoy 🌹 - Cristiano Ronaldo - Neymar - Antoine Griezmann - André Silva - James Rodriguez - Marc Bartra ...
Barcelona Group Chat  by ashleysantiag
Barcelona Group Chat by Ashley Santiago Fanfiction
What happens when Lionel Messi adds the wrong person onto the club group chat! What happens when they find out its there rivals little sister?
Young love|Neymar Jr.| by matsvhummels
Young love|Neymar Jr.| by Kirah Fanfiction
She was just an Olympian going to her first ever Olympics where she falls in love with the beautiful Brazilian footballer, Neymar junior.
Mi Mejor Amiga - Marco Reus#ReverAwards2017 by Chiny08
Mi Mejor Amiga - Marco Reus#ReverA... by Forever Young Fanfiction
Los mejores Amigos, es lo mejor que uno tiene al adaptarse con el sexo opuesto, Mile Payne y Marco Reus son mejores amigos desde la infancia, nadie los podía separar era...
Groupchat|BVB09| by matsvhummels
Groupchat|BVB09| by Kirah Fanfiction
In which a girl named Candace gets added to a group chat that she thinks is her friends but is really Borussia Dortmund's. Sequel- Groupchat 2 Most likely a twist of tho...
Golden Boy | C. Pulisic by moonlightxlove