Real Madrid Group Chat ❤ by Infiniteyx
Real Madrid Group Chat ❤ by Infiniteyx Fanfiction
Saffron, an ordinary girl who works as a barista at Starbucks in the one and only city, Madrid. What happens when one day a certain someone accidentally adds her in a gr...
Arranged Love (Neymar JR Fanfic) by httprollins
Arranged Love (Neymar JR Fanfic) by Rollin' with Rollins Fanfiction
"What?! No! I'm not going to Marry him!" I say with anger. "You don't have a choice! We chose him for you now your 20 and your going to marry him! "...
daddy ✧ isco  by ripasensio
Angel || Dybala by DYB4L4
Angel || Dybala by DYB4L4 Fanfiction
los dos se siguen en las redes , pero nunca hablaron , una noche de cumpleaños se conocen ¿nacera el amor?
Barcelona Group Chat  by ashleysantiag
Barcelona Group Chat by Ashley Santiago Fanfiction
What happens when Lionel Messi adds the wrong person onto the club group chat! What happens when they find out its there rivals little sister?
real dortmund ✧ r. madrid x b. dortmund by ripasensio
real dortmund ✧ r. madrid x b. dor... by نانومتر Short Story
ON HOLD "your teams will be mixed for one week." © ripasensio 2017 started: sept ninth, twenty-seventeen ended: Highest Rank: #504 in Short Story
No eres nadie , si soy , soy el padre de tu hijo  |Gianluca Simeone| by Azuuulxeneize
No eres nadie , si soy , soy el pa... by Princesa Romance
Ella los alejo para el que el cumpla su sueño
How You Get The Girl by fearlessisbeautiful
How You Get The Girl by Mess Of A Dreamer Teen Fiction
One quiet girl. One popular boy. What could possibly happen if their paths cross?
virgin ✧ dybala  by ripasensio
virgin ✧ dybala by نانومتر Fanfiction
"a pregnant virgin?" © ripasensio 2017 started: october 14/17 ended:
Mi niñero | Paulo Dybala | Adaptación by pdybala
Mi niñero | Paulo Dybala | Adaptac... by dybala Fanfiction
Hola, acá les traigo una adaptación de la novela "Mi niñero". Tenía la idea de escribir la mía propia pero si empiezo otra, voy a tardar aún el doble en actual...
Chains [ Neymar Jr and Maluma Fanfic] by kimbellaaa
Chains [ Neymar Jr and Maluma Fanf... by k i m 🌙 Fanfiction
One of the worst feelings is when you find out that your boyfriend of two years had an affair behind your back. Especially since a child was involved. It hurts even more...
Solamente tú  [Saúl Ñíguez]  by itsxluu
Solamente tú [Saúl Ñíguez] by ⚡ Fanfiction
"Un mal capítulo no es el fin de una historia." Empezada: 08/05/2016. Acabada: 21/11/2016.
brb, ily ~ fc barcelona by starsheartsclouds
brb, ily ~ fc barcelona by a.l Fanfiction
"I stopped talking to you because I thought you would miss me. But in the end I'm the one missing you more than ever."
Football Imagines! by amyjodurm-x
Football Imagines! by AmyJoo_13 Fanfiction
Hello! My name is Amy, welcome to my first book or story. I'm not going to be the best writer but I'm going to try. So I hope you enjoy, and I will list some of the play...
Mr.Bale|Gareth Bale| by matsvhummels
Mr.Bale|Gareth Bale| by Kirah Fanfiction
In which a girl falls in love with her science teacher.
SUPERSTAR | Paulo Dybala by bartrugh
SUPERSTAR | Paulo Dybala by lia Fanfiction
stuck on you // draxler by eriksdurms
stuck on you // draxler by nadezhda Fanfiction
julian really wants to go on a date with marcelle, but she keeps telling him to fuck off
Young love|Neymar Jr.| by matsvhummels
Young love|Neymar Jr.| by Kirah Fanfiction
She was just an Olympian going to her first ever Olympics where she falls in love with the beautiful Brazilian footballer, Neymar junior.
Found it None- Talex by crazytalex
Found it None- Talex by talex is love ❤️⚽️ Fanfiction
sequel to "Lost it All" so if you haven't read that, you probably won't comprehend any of this.
GUAPOS DEL FUTBOL by Sara Ysa Rangel Fanfiction
libro especial para votar por los mas guapos de el futbol... by:say...