My personal shit for people who actually care by Alyssa_Sans64
Blowing bubbles (a pokemon fanfic) by ShadeTheSavage
Blowing bubbles (a pokemon fanfic) by Shade Fanfiction
Millie, an eleven-year-old girl who lives in the Alola region, has always wanted to be a pokemon trainer. But her Mom thinks pokemon are dangerous, and doesn't want her...
Just Things To Post by KaseyPittman
Interact with me! by AphmauWantsToBattle
Interact with me! by Aph~Chan Short Story
This is a story where you can tell me what stories you want, if you just want to talk ect. I am always here. So I will see you all soon. -3-
:3 by KP_The_Best_Trombone
B.A.P one shots/Imagines (K-pop) {close for requests} by Hanlo_3
B.A.P one shots/Imagines (K-pop) {... by Hanlo Fanfiction
B.A.P's ONE SHOTS........... REQUESTS WILL ALWAYS STAY CLOSE!! Please don't pm me what you want in the comments\inbox me\board massegs cause I'm so busy and I lost my w...
Garmau In High School  by AphmauIshAwesume_
Ask/Dare Mithross~ by NerdyKatt123
Ask/Dare Mithross~ by Genius is one thing, Nerdy is... Fanfiction
Asking and Daring Mithross! What do u expect from a NerdyKatt dat wants 2 be a Temmie? =3
poison's Instagram by poison_Fernandez
poison's Instagram by poison_Fernandez Random
my Instagram which will hopefully be updated every day ^-^
💙thanks💙 by poison_Fernandez
The marketing techniques in SoundCloud by rayniece34
Randomness (  ͯ ᴥ  ͯ ) by HermioneKNanase
Randomness ( ͯ ᴥ ͯ ) by Yoosung Kim 💚💚 Random
This is just a book where I put random stuff about meh random life. :3 "Being normal is good, but being weirdly random is better" ~Me (Lol I suck a quotes xD) ...
Random Stuff about yours truly by FandomWeirdo414
Random Stuff about yours truly by ⭐Weirdo⭐ Random
hey umm this is random and not so personal stuff about me and if you actually read my literary crap you can ask questions and no hate
 Hi the  diner is not a diner  by rvpk4ever
Hi the diner is not a diner by 91days4rejection Short Story
NOT JEST 4 LADYS ......GUYS!!!!!!!!!! Yes I'm talking to you that guy that's like this is for girls blablablahhhh ****• • ...