Garmau In High School  by AphmauIshAwesume_
Troublesome Kids by XxTentacle_LoverxX
Troublesome Kids by Yandere Bitch :D Fanfiction
Misaki and her Best friends Shadow and Nyx were taking a walk through the town. Just as they we walking home a thunder lightning emits behind the Wall and a skinless tit...
Blowing bubbles (a pokemon fanfic) by ShadeTheSavage
Blowing bubbles (a pokemon fanfic) by Shade Fanfiction
Millie, an eleven-year-old girl who lives in the Alola region, has always wanted to be a pokemon trainer. But her Mom thinks pokemon are dangerous, and doesn't want her...
My drawings by -Trxin_Wrxck-
B.A.P one shots/Imagines (K-pop) {close for requests} by Hanlo_3
B.A.P one shots/Imagines (K-pop) {... by Hanlo Fanfiction
B.A.P's ONE SHOTS........... REQUESTS WILL ALWAYS STAY CLOSE!! Please don't pm me what you want in the comments\inbox me\board massegs cause I'm so busy and I lost my w...
le 'art' by Symmar
le 'art' by :3 Random
mostly fandom stuff, fusions, crossovers, anime, undertale!! requests are open
My personal shit for people who actually care by Alyssa_Sans64
Life in a life by kawaiipinkamena
Life in a life by kawaiipinkamena Horror
~hope you guys like the story~ I remember the story like it was last weeks hangover. I was visiting the rock farm with my parents . I was just trotting around when I hea...
Randomness (  ͯ ᴥ  ͯ ) by HermioneKNanase
Randomness ( ͯ ᴥ ͯ ) by Yoosung Kim 💚💚 Random
This is just a book where I put random stuff about meh random life. :3 "Being normal is good, but being weirdly random is better" ~Me (Lol I suck a quotes xD) ...
Just Things To Post by KaseyPittman
•○🌹Pink Roses And Orange Flowers🌺○• by FuntimeRuby
My Little Devil Darlin' {PJ x Demon Reader} by ChantalZabelRosero
My Little Devil Darlin' {PJ x Demo... by xXx Angelica xXx Fanfiction
Ur Y/N u are a princess demon ur sister is an angel princess prom is coming up..so as the sleepover....it be fun since PJ is there....💓
Scarlett Weston : A Ghostly Chase by HanaYahia
Scarlett Weston : A Ghostly Chase by Hana Yahia Adventure
Scarlett had a very ordinary life of a nine years old girl,she went to school,had some friends. But that's all before she passes a portal to Daryhelum as,from now on,her...
My Drawings by The_Unknown28
My Drawings by @Anime_Life Random
All the things I'm satisfied with
The marketing techniques in SoundCloud by rayniece34
The best thing ever  by Faithmcintire
The best thing ever by Faithmcintire Teen Fiction
One day I saw a girl that was my first time having a great day with a girl like her.Her name is Shaelyn and my name is Gerette.She became my girlfriend.I really like he...
Anime Guys x Reader ~One Shots~ by ILLAMACORN123
Anime Guys x Reader ~One Shots~ by MARI Fangirler Fanfiction
A bunch of anime hot dudes x reader. Sorry guys, I was bored.