Afterdeath story dump  by Alice_Thor
Afterdeath story dump by Calcifer
Gay ass skeletons. what have I done lmao
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Chu♥ {Rider X Goggles} {By Woomy} by Woomyyy
Chu♥ {Rider X Goggles} {By Woomy}by Wooommyyyyy
"R-rideeerr~" HIYA!! welcome to my story
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My Little Tsundere (Karma X Reader) by AkumaDazu
My Little Tsundere (Karma X Reader)by ~Akuma~
Y/n is a new student at Kunugigaoka High School. But her experiences are more new than the school itself. Framed for attacking the principal's son, she has been moved fr...
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how i feel by AmyRoseDraws
how i feelby amy Rose
" heyyy guys its me Cloe/Amy im here to upload an new book again so lets get over with it! " puts on phone while fighting ben drowned. " this book is abou...
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My crappy art (;-;)  by Jackieboyfan
My crappy art (;-;) by ☆Determination☆
All credit goes to the actual artist, non of it is mine! I can art but I'll try my best and I'm going to try and draw some undertale and maybe some other things
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Remember me? (A Crafting Dead AU)  by Temiya657
Remember me? (A Crafting Dead AU) by -3- TJ -3-
Does anyone remember Sabre in SGC's crafting dead? Welp, this is an AU (alternate universe) where Sabre is more important to the story. He is 13 and goes to a school, hi...
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kai x ein by iloveyouall1233
kai x einby Fiona Love
kai is a little kitten who goes to Phoenix drop high with is friend aphmau, on the first day the 2 have been build by this wolf boy and his minions. Ein was his name he...
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Fallout Warriors: Vzestup by AmberPaw1
Fallout Warriors: Vzestupby AmberPaw1
Čtyři světy. Aquarella - svět pod vodou s modrým ohněm, vedlejší svět Fireball - svět spálený ohněm a má spoustu sopek, normální oheň, vedlejší svět Earth - travnaté lo...
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Group B by RatherBeReading1
Group Bby 🍍 The Halloween Pineapple Qu...
A girl wakes up in a giant box. She has no memory of anything, except for the name in the back of her head: June. She arrives at a place of only girls that they call the...
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Odio Amarte  _-Foxangle-_ by xXNoeliaXxD
Odio Amarte _-Foxangle-_by xXNoeliaXxD
Lee la historia, no te voa spoilear :v xD (subo cap todos los días)
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MEMES PARA LA ESCUELA by kiyomi_chan
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Chatting/ answering stuff that's on mhe bored by imp-tweek_
Chatting/ answering stuff that's o...by 🔥coffee demon🔥
Ok so this is a thing where in the comments you can chat with ppl and mhe -w-
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Latin Hetalia: Perdidos en Cusco :3 by Bonnyrf2017
Latin Hetalia: Perdidos en Cusco :3by 。♪。゚o。(★・ω・)/La que shipea pa...
Chile x Perú :3, Argentina x Uruguay y karoke :3
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