Where the Birds Go to Die -- #BattletheBeast

Where the Birds Go to Die -- #BattletheBeast

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Jake Marley By JakeMarley Completed


Quentin and Alice have tracked the Beast to a crumbling keep on the edge of Fillory, but will they survive the final confrontation?


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I read this story before the results were even released and knew it was going to win. I told myself, if I lose, I want to lose to this story. Reading it again wasn't a disappointment, because I actually really love it. Good luck!
amberuni151 amberuni151 Mar 08
OMG "The Sword of Exhausting Optimism"!!! Also I love how you start like in the middle of the story and tell us what happened to the others while also moving forward with what's happening to now, like how they're interspersed together!
Bdon1980 Bdon1980 Feb 09
Awesome! Got to say, I love a good hunt story. Well done and good luck on the contest!
TLBodine TLBodine Feb 03
Oh my god. That is brutal. I love it! Good luck in the contest <3
Wow. Nice work! You caught me with that interesting title, and then I wasn't disappointed.
Yes, I agree, this is absolutely amazing, and I mean that. I love your words. Good luck!