Battle The Beast Contest by Syfy
Battle The Beast Contestby The Magicians
Create a short story about one of Quentin's Battles with The Beast for your chance to win $10,000.00 USD and have your story turned into a digital short!
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The Magicians : The Answer by Ink-ie
The Magicians : The Answerby Nia
Quentin Coldwater is walking on campus and meets an interesting girl who seems more special than she seems , Is she the one to help stop the beast or is she a innocent t...
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#BattleTheBeast by RMHuffman
#BattleTheBeastby RMHuffman
A ~1,500 word short story for the #BattleTheBeast contest from The Magicians, on SyFy. It recounts one of the 39 unfortunate times Quentin Coldwater and his friends from...
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The Magicians | Fanfic by HsWho2902
The Magicians | Fanficby Carlos Molina
this is one of the 39 times the world of the magicians has been reset, more specifically the 29th time, however a longer and fuller version of that. ...
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The Betrayal by VSSantoni
The Betrayalby V.S. Santoni
Eliot's love for Quentin leads him to make a disastrous decision. #BattleTheBeast
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The Magicians: Battle at Nexus by richcapo
The Magicians: Battle at Nexusby Richard Caponetti
Quentin, Dean Fogg, and the Watcher Woman battle the Beast Martin Chatwin at the convergence point of all timelines in this exciting entry in SyFy Channel's "The Ma...
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Against the Beast by ZeissIkon
Against the Beastby ZeissIkon
Quentin Coldwater's fourteenth encounter with the Beast
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Third Time's the Charm - A Top 🔟 in Syfy Channel's Contest! by paulapdx
Third Time's the Charm - A Top 🔟 Paula G.
I did it! Here's my entry for Syfy's #BattleTheBeast contest for the fabulous show The Magicians, based on the books created by the talented Lev Grossman! SUMMARY: Quent...
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The Rise and Fall of Quentin Coldwater by KrioMcCarthy
The Rise and Fall of Quentin Krio McCarthy
When all is lost just how far will you go to protect the ones you love? (aka what is Quentin willing to sacrifice and what lengths will he go to)
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Two Buttons by Freetraderbeowulf
Two Buttonsby N/A
Quentin Coldwater is a magician. But to defeat the Beast, he must make the ultimate sacrifice.
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The Fall of Castle Whitespire [Battle the Beast: Edition 39] by rskovach
The Fall of Castle Whitespire [ Rita
Quentin Coldwater is a Magician, but even his extraordinary abilities haven't been enough to defeat the Beast on the first thirty-eight occasions they've faced each othe...
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We All Fall Down by DelicateEclipse
We All Fall Downby Carrie ♛
Top Ten Finalist in the #BattleTheBeast contest! The Beast has Jane stuck in his head and flames stuck in his hand. Why can't he stop the thoughts? Is it too much to wan...
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Loopers: #BattleTheBeast by RMHuffman
Loopers: #BattleTheBeastby RMHuffman
One of Quentin Coldwater's thirty-nine failed attempts to defeat the malevolent magician known as The Beast. Based on The Magicians, on Syfy.
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Just a Travelin' Man by JeanneFeuers
Just a Travelin' Manby Jeanne Feuers
Penny is so desperate to get a handle on his traveling abilities, he's willing to try anything.
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The Magicians: Time in Hell by richcapo
The Magicians: Time in Hellby Richard Caponetti
Trapped in a temple prison beyond the planet Earth, Quentin Coldwater suffers mightily at the perverse hands of the interdimensional Beast once known and beloved as litt...
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Further than Fillory by anniekin_crunkle
Further than Filloryby anniekin_crunkle
Quentin Coldwater and his friends are sure that their 23 battles against The Beast have prepared them for this battle. Unfortunately, pride is often our undoing, and if...
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BATTLE THE BEAST by KellyAnneBlount
BATTLE THE BEASTby Kelly Anne Blount
Check out my official entry for the #BattleTheBeast contest! All comments and votes are greatly appreciated! Thank you to the wonderful people at @Wattpad HQ and @Syfy f...
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The Last Hope- Magicians Contest Entry by LaurenSmithAuthor
The Last Hope- Magicians Contest Lauren Smith
At Brakebills University, magic is very, very real. Only the most gifted magicians in the world are granted acceptance. Having spent an entire semester trying to stop an...
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