Foxblood: Rise of the Hellion (WattyAward 2012 Finalist)

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Raquel Lyon By foxifae Completed
The sequel to Foxblood: A Brush with the Moon.
    Something’s stalking Sophie and it’s not just her boyfriend’s cute cousin.
    Pulled from a life of obscurity and chosen to succeed a dying Goddess, Sophie’s thrown into a world where the supernatural is normal.
    Sadly, she’s made enemies and as corpses mount, Sophie fears for the people she cares for. But when someone she loves is accused of the killings, Sophie is convinced of their innocence.
What the what!? I was hoping Beth and Jimmy would last. LOL. Oh well, Beth. On to the next conquest.
Oh my gosh!! I read the first one and i absolutely fell in love. Then i just finished this one and i cant believe its over! But my question is... are you going to start the next one or not? Because thwy both were amazing!!!
Oh, my dear, I have voted on e very  chapter for you.  I hope it helps.
1st one was fantastic. So sad when it ended:'( But yay! Just about to start the second book. All other chores will have to wait until I've finished reading. :)) xxx
In so glad you put the sequel up! I'm on a very limited income and can't afford to purchase books anymore so wattpad is my life! Thank you so much!
Just finished your first book and now onto the second. Its so good, can't wait to see what happens next.