Vanity Teens - BoyXBoy

Vanity Teens - BoyXBoy

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💛 Clay 💛 By Susurrations Completed

Ari van der Gorz is a filthy rich, privileged white boy with no moral compass and a whole lot of sass.

Sam Frederiksen is a Norwegian hottie who comes to London and pisses off the wrong vanity teen.

Throw in a few rich and unreasonably attractive friends, the odd life-ruining secret, and a whole lot of scandal, and this is what you get.

(STANDALONE - 1st book in the Sassy White Boys Trilogy)

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I would say this is me, but my friends have successfully kept my ego down with regular threats of beatdowns
How is a milkshake anything sexual is what I still don't understand
Bluefuntime Bluefuntime Dec 10
Am I the only one thinking about that old lady from Spongebob
k54lil k54lil 4 days ago
please tell me i wasn’t the only one who read that as applesauce😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.
MariAkki MariAkki 2 days ago
I've only just started your story but I took a look at your profile just now and you're a 20 years old history student? So am I! XD nice. I haven't seen much people on here yet who like history haha.
Lol I didn't even get that at first... I need to spend more time on Wattpad