Vanity Teens - BoyXBoy

Vanity Teens - BoyXBoy

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🖤 Clay 🖤 By Susurrations Completed

Ari van der Gorz is a filthy rich, privileged white boy with no moral compass and a whole lot of sass.

Sam Frederiksen is a Norwegian hottie who comes to London and pisses off the wrong vanity teen.

Throw in a few rich and unreasonably attractive friends, the odd life-ruining secret, and a whole lot of scandal, and this is what you get.

(STANDALONE - 1st book in the Sassy White Boys Trilogy)

Koki1948 Koki1948 Sep 12
Ok i don't know anything about the bible because I'm not Christian 😅
tarynking tarynking Aug 12
My family always tells me just wait when you birth children and I laugh every time because I have already planned to have test tube babies
and since i'm not a godless whore you'll have to come in through the back door
Stfu, brown eyes are beautiful. You need to chill Ari, he already apologised enough
I'm dead he said she can throw them shïts over her shoulders 😂☠️
Clay or whatever your name is. For the love of God can you please have this character stop saying the word godly?! Please. I'm begging you here.