Vanity Teens

Vanity Teens

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💛 Clay 💛 By Susurrations Completed

Ari van der Gorz is a filthy rich, privileged white boy with no moral compass and a whole lot of sass.

Sam Frederiksen is a Norwegian hottie who comes to London and pisses off the wrong vanity teen.

Throw in a few rich and unreasonably attractive friends, the odd life-ruining secret, and a whole lot of scandal, and this is what you get.

(STANDALONE - 1st book in the Sassy White Boys Trilogy)

  • boyxboy
  • british
  • comedy
  • dark-humour
  • europe
  • gay
  • gossip
  • highschool
  • homosexuality
  • scandal
  • secrets
  • teens
  • vanity
  • yaoi
wait ari Francisco plays you right well sorry to say it but you have brown eyes
I'm about to throw all ur bîtchaśs Brit tea back in the harbor
MariAkki MariAkki Dec 15, 2017
I've only just started your story but I took a look at your profile just now and you're a 20 years old history student? So am I! XD nice. I haven't seen much people on here yet who like history haha.
He’s pissing me off but at the same time I love him😂🤧
everyone talking about how they either love or hate the book and I’m just here like he literally just said the only thing he likes about the book is the end aka them literally poisoning themselves nobody else?