When Twins Strike Back (Book 3 of the Double Trouble Series)

When Twins Strike Back (Book 3 of the Double Trouble Series)

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After the death of Cedric Diggory, Max was broken. She got into more trouble at the Malfoys, her own brother is giving her the cold shoulder, a new teacher is planning to take over the entire school, and more lies are forming about You-Know-Who's return. But no one knows about the terror that has been brought to the Potters. When in doubt, let them take action.

Book 3 of the Double Trouble Series.

Credit to @imperio- for the cover!

**I only own Max Potter. Everything else belongs to J.K. Rowling.**

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-librocubicularist -librocubicularist Jul 22, 2016
Haven't read the chapter yet (I'm about too!!) but can I be the first to say that the title reminds me of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!!! Anyway.... I'm gonna go read it now!!😇
sparklypickles sparklypickles Jul 31, 2016
The last line is so heart breaking. Just, " Help me, Padfoot." The feels
-librocubicularist -librocubicularist Jul 22, 2016
I'm so excited for crazy Max!!!!!! Oh! Or better yet, MAD MAX!! You guys getting this?!?! The references.....
-Randomizer -Randomizer Nov 29, 2014
Could anyone please tell me where is the book 2 is? I can't find it 
arty_writes arty_writes Nov 02, 2013
Yup. Definitely crazy, and I cannot blame her!
                              Thanks for the dedication! :D
arty_writes arty_writes Nov 02, 2013
Well... she's certainly some degree of insane, but she does have every right to be.
                              Onto the next chapter!