Two Times the Flame (Book 2 of the Double Trouble Series)

Two Times the Flame (Book 2 of the Double Trouble Series)

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(uh-lay-nuh) By xonceuponatimex Completed

After Harry and Max's crazy third year, the two decide to make a clean start. New year, new beginnings, right? Of course! That's until their names are put into the Goblet of Fire.

With Max stressing over the three task, having Draco Malfoy stalk her everywhere she goes, and falling for the Hogwarts champion, things are about to get fired up. But double the fire.  

Book 2 of the Double Trouble Series.

Credit to @-daisyqueen for the cover!

**I only own Max Potter. Everything else belongs to J.K. Rowling.**

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societyquotedx societyquotedx Apr 06, 2017
Fred and George picked Harry up from the dursleys before, so they would know that the this isn't that house??
SlytherinLlama SlytherinLlama Mar 24, 2016
lawl two times a flame i geddit hehe.....i want them to already get choosen and go in the room and dumbledore come out of no where
                              "HARRY DID CHU PUT YER NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FYAHHH!!
Always_Hufflepuff Always_Hufflepuff Nov 10, 2015
Read the 1st one in a day. Now on to the second. Just can't put the stories down!!❤
queenaxiomatic queenaxiomatic Jul 21, 2014
@arty_writes  because in the first book he heard the prophecy about Draco and Max destined to be together...
arty_writes arty_writes Aug 02, 2013
So... I'm with Max on the whole Dumbledore thing. If he knows all this crap is going on, why does he keep sending her back? For now... Dumbledore and I are not on good terms...
                              But yay for the twins busting her out of that hellhole! :D
xonceuponatimex xonceuponatimex May 16, 2013
@XMrsStephenKingX lol girrr just wait and see ;) thank youuu <333