Someone In Africa Loves You

Someone In Africa Loves You

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Alexander Nderitu By NewShakespeare Updated Jan 12, 2012

This is a love poem like E.A. Poe's "Annabel Lee",

It's about a girl called 'Suzanne with an "e".'

Suzanne didn't come to East Africa on safari,

She was an Oxford student majoring in History

And wanted to see the sites involved in slavery

And the relics of the Arab-Portuguese rivalry.

I first spied her walking alone by the swaying sea

And something about her just jumped up and bit me.

I asked her her name and she said, 'Suzanne...with an "e".'

Suzanne had golden hair which she kept tacking behind her ear

And an accent that made some words difficult to hear.

Her eyes were as blue as the cloud-starved African sky

That arched above us like the Sistine painting by Michelangelo.

Her skin was remarkably pale and had some freckles

That resembled debris lying on a field of snow.

Her smile went on forever and she laughed with glee -

She laughed so loudly I could hear some echoes.

Cupid launched a missile, he didn't fire an arrow,

And it went straight through me and 'Suza...

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