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A Beastly Twist (BoyXBoy)

A Beastly Twist (BoyXBoy)

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Jesse Lee By All_The_Same_Love Completed

[WARNING!!! BOYXBOY!!! You have been Warned!!]

Ciel Young is a sixteen year old boy who is singled out in his village as 'peculiar' in a nice non-threatening kind of way. He's earned this title not only because he loves to read, educate himself, and his 'crazy' contraption making father, but also because he's gay. When his father leaves on a trip to a few towns over things take a turn for the wrong, and his father is left with a decision that will change Ciel's life forever.

What will happen when Ciel is forced to abandon his almost normal life in a small village to a fantastic manor in the middle of the dark forest with a stranger who seems to have as many secrets as himself? There's only on way to find out; you're going to have to read. :) 

[This is basically my version of beauty and the beast, it includes a mixture of the original story and Disney's version with a little BOYXBOY twist so I hope you like it! :) Also I'm not very good at descriptions so I hope that it isn't too bad :/ but trust me (not to sound biased) but I'm pretty sure the story is going to be better than the description.]

***Edited by the AMAZING VengefulMarionettes***

Galagoogoo Galagoogoo Apr 02
If I ever place a curse on anyone that last condition is going to be in fine print, bold, italics, underlined and highlighted
Witch: Oh, by the way, no straight shìt. You're either gay and break the spell or straight and sad because you'll live like this forever 
                              Beast: but isn't that forcing me to be something I'm no-
                              Witch: Silence, child, and go get some booty
I just watched the beauty and the beast yesterday with my friends
Total_G33k Total_G33k Apr 07
                              I love when the characters think they're straight 😹😹
                              Like no boo boo. You're at least bisexual.
Honey, your in a GAY story book and your really denying that you gay? *scoffs* Yeah your a straight peice of spaggetti
                              Until its boiled😏❤💛💚💙💜
ringmasterz ringmasterz Apr 02
Me trying to be a serious witch but fails by putting on this curse