A Beastly Twist (BoyXBoy)

A Beastly Twist (BoyXBoy)

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[WARNING!!! BOYXBOY!!! You have been Warned!!]

Ciel Young is a sixteen year old boy who is singled out in his village as 'peculiar' in a nice non-threatening kind of way. He's earned this title not only because he loves to read, educate himself, and his 'crazy' contraption making father, but also because he's gay. When his father leaves on a trip to a few towns over things take a turn for the wrong, and his father is left with a decision that will change Ciel's life forever.

What will happen when Ciel is forced to abandon his almost normal life in a small village to a fantastic manor in the middle of the dark forest with a stranger who seems to have as many secrets as himself? There's only on way to find out; you're going to have to read. :) 

[This is basically my version of beauty and the beast, it includes a mixture of the original story and Disney's version with a little BOYXBOY twist so I hope you like it! :) Also I'm not very good at descriptions so I hope that it isn't too bad :/ but trust me (not to sound biased) but I'm pretty sure the story is going to be better than the description.]

***Edited by the AMAZING VengefulMarionettes***

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Like Blah-blah-blah-beast-blah-blah-human-blah-oh and you have to be gay. That's all
Don't worry. You'll conveniently find a guy who'll give you iron boners by the 3rd or 4th chapter.
I thought of black butler. 
                              Sebastian: "I'm simply one hell of a-"
                              Ceil: "Bïtch"
I'm pretty sure she's  fangirl trying to make her ship happen
Shrek..... I had to come back & say it cause I just realized it
*scene freezes as I walk into view* Are we following the story line from Disney? Cuz if we are, "Beast" at this point is a neglected 11 years old boy. You are aware of that, right crazy fairy lady?