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Another Life

Another Life

1.5K Reads 78 Votes 8 Part Story
Abbi By abbiii Updated Jun 28, 2011

Life can become so complicated, and when you have a chance to change that, what would you do?

April Is rich, well known, loved, looked up upon by those surrounding - what more could a girl want?
But life doesn't seem so tipsy in April's point of view. She has a bestfriend that she loves, a possible boyfriend and a family that adores her; but what is so important for her to let that all go....?
Underestimating April is only one thing you should question, but what about her loyalty to her peers?

A life changing experience for those in Sorrento - nothing to ever be forgotton or turned around.

hello095 hello095 Jul 29, 2011
I liked it (and still do) it was very discriptive and it had a good choice of words, however it did seem a little long, but anyway it was great stary, so it deserves a vote :)
LeCroissant LeCroissant Apr 13, 2011
Thanks for posting this story in my discussion! It's going really good! *Vote* :D
abbiii abbiii Apr 12, 2011
@Antebellum_Lady @midnight_depths @xSnowxFallsx0006 @calvin2 - thank you so much for spending your time to read my stories! really appreciate the feedback  :)
Antebellum_Lady Antebellum_Lady Apr 12, 2011
this is really good:D i will def keep reading it!:D i will recomend thoguh, that for the numbers, instead of using the actul numbers, that u use letters, like four, instead of 4. it makes it look more professinal:D other than that, GOOD JOB!
Choppy Choppy Mar 20, 2011
Good job. There were some grammer issues (like capilizing words that don't need to be) but otherwise, good job. I like how you did the internalizations of the characters. :)
                              Mind R&R my story A Princess Summoning? I'm new on WP so any advice/comments/ect would be really great! Thanks. :)
thecoffeekid thecoffeekid Feb 08, 2011
its reaaaaalllllyy GOOD Keep it up. A really good way to get people to read on. Well done :)
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                              thnx sosososososo much