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I know you did not just reject me!

I know you did not just reject me!

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J. By jjace21 Updated Feb 03, 2014

“We’re mates”, I said in a mono tone.
	“I reject your crazy ass, I do not want you as a mate nor will I ever you belong in a mental hospital”, he said with the same tone. His angelic voice just tore my heart into itty bitty little pieces. My eyes burned but I pushed the tears back and looked him in the eye with a straight face.
	“You took the words right out of my mouth”, I said in a cold voice before I turned on my heel and walked away.

 Sky is not a normal girl she's crazy but the good crazy. What happens when she finds her mate while acting crazy?? You guessed it he rejected her like the bastard he is. Do you think she sat around and cried? HELL NO!! She got revenge

xXuni_loverXx xXuni_loverXx Dec 21, 2016
Ya know I hate myself for doing this but I just realized it... If I need a rejection book I literally read through the blurb and if it makes my mind think , "RUDE" or "awe poor girl" I immediately add it to my library. Does anyone else do this or am I just naturally sadistic?
Yes the crazy Fam MY fam the crazies are the best and the most fun<but also the most trouble>but......we dont CARE!!!
Emblem3_123 Emblem3_123 Oct 22, 2013
@amiens first of all i think the beginning was AMAZING!! And second of all if u think it was so suckish iwld love to c u try and write a better one...NOTICE i said tru as in ur NOT going to succeed!!!
amiens amiens Sep 08, 2013
change the's typical and boring- find an interesting way to present your characters ,not some scene everyone uses.
                              Good luck with your book.
RubiesInsideRocks RubiesInsideRocks Aug 14, 2013
WTFMF??? How can u reject ur 1 true love bcos she stole ur pepsi??????
ReadyForAnything ReadyForAnything Jul 18, 2013
@MysterySwift I'm pretty sure she meant like fun crazy, bad crazy to where you're basically sent off to the mental institute. :D
                              Great story!