I luv spongebob :)) he's like my hubby
I'm super crazy and weird like my characters
I also like that new show Gravity Falls on Disney have u ever seen it
AWKWARD. luv that show too
I have 3 brothers we have a luv hate relationship
I like strawberries
strawberry cream cheese
Yeah so pretty much all food lol ;)
KK so im sorry but I don't know what else to say
WAIT one more thing
Dora sucks she never gives me enough time to answer the freaking question I need time to think gosh darnit how is it right if i never said anything geez like don't lie to me tell me the truth DORA!! I'M ON TO U!!
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jjace21 jjace21 Jun 10, 2014 06:35PM
I'm in need of someone to make me a book cover message me if you can and I will have a message soon about IKYDNJRM
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I know you did not just reject me!

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Description: “We’re mates”, I said in a mono tone. “I reject your crazy ass, I do not want you as a mate nor will I ever you belong in a mental hospital”, he said with the same tone. His angelic voice just tore my heart i...


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