He Shall Return, The One That Lost It All, A Close Friend Of His Will Fall

He Shall Return, The One That Lost It All, A Close Friend Of His Will Fall

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Olivia Kirkland By England_From_Hetalia Completed

When Percy is betrayed, he is granted immortality (which he didn't want, but they forced him to accept it anyways) and the ability to bring five people back from the dead. Shortly after, he disappears for a long time.

A few thousand years later, Artemis and her hunters stumble upon a man's campsite. He has on a hood so no one could see him.

He becomes the guardian of the Hunt.

 This is NOT a Percy + Artemis story . . . but it is Pernico!

Cover by @rAnDOm-caPitAls

  • artemis
  • athena
  • betrayal
  • bianca
  • gaea
  • nico
  • percyjackson
  • pernico
  • phoebe
  • thalia
5kensosmac 5kensosmac Aug 14, 2017
Ok did anyone else thing of a song as soon as you read the sentence. If so please tell which song because I can't remember the title of that song.
randomgirl138 randomgirl138 Jul 18, 2017
Borealas39 Borealas39 Jun 03, 2017
Percy stopped being as unpredictable  as the sea and became as deep as the ocean.
shadow_girl190 shadow_girl190 Aug 28, 2017
Dude I understand because I was recently broken and ignored by the person who I thought would be there for me when I needed her
Quakecat Quakecat Apr 08, 2017
Did he ever choose who he wanted to come back alive? Haven't read the whole thing yet tgiugh.....
- - Jul 15, 2017
All of us are a little broken...and others try to mend the shards together only to put them in the wrong place... but if a broken shard comes across another.. there love can mend all.