This is a short story about four friends who spend the night out in the woods and discover that they are doing more than just telling scary stories.
I loved this!
                                    It was really amazing.
                                    You're a great writer!
Another great short Molly.
                                    i know this was written a while ago, but i enjoyed that..for someone who doesnt write shorts it was a nice creepy tale.
This is cool. I like how you challenge yourself by writing different styles and genres. 
I rather like it. I'd like to know who Zeb is though =] 
                                    Neatly done short there Molly, nicely written with some good little details and a good narrative. I think the shock factor you put in there when the lads are expecting a story and she simply vanishes was excellent. Good stuff, Gav
@Mera2876 ik thts y i dont believe it i dont believe anything i c on youtube most of it is edited
yeah well the scariest thing about it is i looked up the girls name on youtube (teresa fidalgo) and there was a video tht told the story so supposably it actually happened... its scary but i dont believe in that crap