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Aphmau Roleplay!

Aphmau Roleplay!

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Yas Queen By CryBlossom Updated Apr 30

Just a Random RP book In the middle of the Wattpad comunity.... :3

Sakura659 Sakura659 May 27
25 in MyStreet, 13 (skipped a grade, freshman) in PDH, 22 in MCD
Sakura659 Sakura659 May 27
Kind and caring, but slightly aloof, though not necessarily shy. She has mood swings a lot and can go from happy to sad or vice versa quickly. She's very overprotective of her family and friends.
Sakura659 Sakura659 May 27
Kayte (it's what most people call her, her siblings and parents just call her Katherine to annoy her or when she's in trouble)
Name-Yandere Chan
                              age-14-16 (pdh)
                              nickname-yan chan
                              looks-black hair in a ponytail,black eyes,lots of freckles
Sakura659 Sakura659 May 27
Powder blue hair that's worn in twin French braids in MS, a ponytail in PDH, and straight down in MCD. She's average height for her age, but considered short in PDH because she skipped a grade, so is younger. She has ice-blue eyes, and a natural blush that stands out against her pale skin.
Name: Leopard
                              Age: 16
                              Nick name: Leplep
                              Looks: of you know hatsune miku then her hair, and dull pink eyes
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Outfit: sleeveless hoodie, jeans, black gloves with holes, and white sneakers
                              Family: aphmau cousin
                              Past: only Dante and aphmau know) leopard was bullied by girls her age.