365 Days' Worth Of Memories.   (Assassination Classroom reader insert)

365 Days' Worth Of Memories. (Assassination Classroom reader insert)

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Natsumi-Chaan13 By Natsumi-Chaan13 Updated Jan 02

(Assassination classroom reader insert.) After being sent to E-Class, [Name], along with the whole class, are tasked with killing their teacher. But what if he's the best one they've ever had? And [Name] has enough trouble at home.

Juvia8Lockser Juvia8Lockser Dec 29, 2016
I remembered before that my dream was to become a totem pole. Oh my Lord, I have a messed up mind...
Natsumi-Chaan13 Natsumi-Chaan13 Oct 02, 2016
I won't judge I'm weird too! Lol. Thank you for commenting on this! :)
Lol in english, i think he has made my poetry quote. "Was tentacles all along—should get those little synapses sparking and the imagination SLITHERING~! BLULULULULULULULULU
ValApplepie180 ValApplepie180 Dec 10, 2016
I agree!! I mean it's not called, "threatening" it's actually called, "a friendly reminder!"
Otaku_love2004 Otaku_love2004 Oct 02, 2016
..... I wanted to be a cheesecake when I was younger... I am a weird kid, don't judge XD