(2)Merciless | ansastu kyoushitsu ✔

(2)Merciless | ansastu kyoushitsu ✔

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[ Book 2 of 2 ]

As she spends her time with the End Class, the more denser Koutaru Araki became of someone's attention towards her.

And so does he.

Akabane Karma was not entirely sure whether Araki was "just" his partner in crime, but slowly as the days pass by, unexpected changes comes to the whole crew's lives.

New people, new feelings and forgotten memories was ahead of this crossdresser's journey with the End Class.

(DISCLAIMER: Assassination Classroom belongs to Yusei Matsui alone. I do whatever it is that I own, though.)

mfta: thank you so much for reading my fanfiction! Please continue to overflow this story with your heartwarming support ♥

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Serentherphorea Serentherphorea Jul 10, 2017
I'm coming back from finding this in my library from when I was reading this a long time ago, and I thought it was a Kagerou Project fan fiction because of the cover. ^^;
If I were you, I would have checked behind me RIGHT AWAY, and then run away
keicrys keicrys Jul 22, 2017
If i felt someone's presence i'd immediately run back home, i'm a scaredy cat.
AriesOfTheNisekoi76 AriesOfTheNisekoi76 Jun 08, 2016
Don't worry about that. Anyway is it true that karma likes Arika
officialmikee officialmikee Jun 08, 2016
Haha, no worries. :)
                              I'm all positive, so... its ok for me if people sometimes make mistakes into what they type...like me  .____.
Rin_BlueStars Rin_BlueStars May 23, 2016
Well... I just think that the expression is "Earth to Kayano" not "Kayano to Earth"