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komaat By komaat Updated Oct 01, 2018

A will. A family. A secret that can destroy it all.

When Russian businessman Boris Kovalevsky dies, everyone is interested in knowing who he's named successor.

But Boris has four children, and everyone is a potential candidate.

Except none of the four is named heir.

The circumstances are damning, and the contents of the will are treacherous. From the lawyer who helped Boris draw the will, to the person who inherited everything, to the executor.

Nurse Mary Platt.

Now Mary has a big problem-finding out why a man she hardly knew named her his executor, and finding the named heiress.


Just who the hell is she?

The executor is a story that explores how secrets can tear families apart, and how individuals react to money. Follow Mary as she races against time to find the faceless heiress of the Kovalevsky empire while trying to stay alive amidst the opposition from the family.

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