Daddy's Little One

Daddy's Little One

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❤Deedee❤ By Deedeenjames Updated Jan 08

He gripped the back of my neck and pulled my head back making me look at him. "It don't matter how long its been you will over come that obstacle in time." He said looking in my eyes. "Why would you want someone like me. I'm ugly I have scares. I'm the ugly duckl-" I stop when I heard him growl. 

His grip on the back of my neck tighten. "Don't ever fucken talk about yourself like that. Understood." He said gripping my butt.

I nodded yes. "Use your words". He said. "Yes". I said. "Yes who?" He said. "Yes Daddy". I said Wiping my face. "Now stop crying for Daddy. You know daddy doesn't like for his baby girl to cry." He said wiping my face then kissing my forehead.

PhiphiBabyy PhiphiBabyy Sep 04, 2016
Wait, I'm confused are they actually father and daughter?? Or its just the nickname??
The way you and your friend did this is so cute the dynamic is so clever