The Girl Who Wrote the Dating Manual

The Girl Who Wrote the Dating Manual

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racingheart By hisracingheart Updated Sep 17, 2012

4.00PM, Saturday, Nov. 30th 

Central Park, New York

I bit my nail, and stared at the paper until the letters and words turned into mush in my brain.

My Senior Project, it said in big, black letters. The student picks a broad subject area that interests them. Examples are: Forestry, the History of Paper, Hydraulic Water Pumps...

The list went on. I looked down the list. None of it looked appealing to me. I mean, the history of paper? What kind of boring bastard was interested in paper?

Snow fell on my head when I plonked myself down under a tree, on a park bench. It probably looked like I had nasty dandruff right now, but whatever. I have way more important things to deal with. Like deciding on my Senior Project. I mean, I said to the senior advisor guy, I chosen Psychology, but I had no idea what to do -


I looked up, and a hard lump of squishy whiteness hit me right between my eyes, and I dropped my piece of paper into the snow.

"Oscar!" I screamed, wiping away th...