Growing Fire {Fantastic Five}

Growing Fire {Fantastic Five}

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Valerie Von Doom is the scientific sister of the famous Victor Von Doom. He was the figurehead of his company while she advised from the sidelines. Victor relied on her judgement to make decisions for the company, and the Reed Richards project was no different. 

She advised against the mission, saying that a storm such as the one Reed wanted to study was unpredictable, and no amount of calculations could be safe enough. 

For the first time, Victor went against his sister's judgment with the argument that Reed had never been wrong before. Victor wanted to make a quick buck, like always, and Valerie resignedly agreed to accompany him on the mission to monitor things.

The storm arrived sooner than expected, and the six people on board were gifted with powers. Will Valerie side with her brother, or become the fifth member of the Fantastic Five? And not only that, when she finds love again, will she fight it, or allow it to grow and blossom into something special?

Valerie Von Doom is my character and her story is my own. I own the rights to all OCs I create. All Marvel characters are property of Marvel Comics. All rights reserved as distributed.


Began June 29, 2016
Completed January 8, 2017

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