Once Upon A Dream ☯️ Frerard

Once Upon A Dream ☯️ Frerard

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♡ Porcelain Doll ♡ By vampirexchild Updated 5 days ago

In the year 2030, everyone's soulmates are chosen for them at birth. Through technology, they decide who will be each person's destiny from a DNA scan.

Glitches are the rarest occurrence in the future. But when Frank Iero is matched with someone who he is not allowed to be with, it is seen as a glitch, and the system pairs him with Jamia Nestor.

Since he was 13, he has been dreaming of a beautiful raven haired boy, and somehow, he falls in love with someone who is not real. Or so, Frank thought the unnamed boy was not real.
Now 18 and engaged to Jamia Nestor - his match whom he does not love - Frank peers over the shoulder of a dark haired boy drawing a beautiful portrait. 

Only to see the raven haired boy turn around and lock eyes with Frank.

"Do I...know you?"
(Frerard AU, smut/trigger warnings)

Scomichetori Scomichetori Dec 14, 2016
Not only is she ruining Frank's potential relationship, but she's also dooming her own friend's daughter! Wtf
xXxSavvyxXx xXxSavvyxXx Dec 09, 2016
Your trailers are the best, they make me want to cry from happiness and sadness at the same time like how is that even possible. You are very talented, keep up the amazing work 💕
Ali-San9539 Ali-San9539 Jan 12
Oh, I wish I was paired with Gerard.. one could only dream..
killjoying killjoying Oct 04, 2016
ok the vid dammit i just started to cry because just it was so beautiful and GADHERIFJAJODWEUF ITS SO BEAUTIFUL
noitsironic noitsironic Oct 25, 2016
"Not when I dream of HIM"
                              *shows image of Gerard*
                              Honestly same