Just a Project || septiplier

Just a Project || septiplier

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When Jack moves to America his class is assigned a senior year project with a partner of your choice but when theres no one else for jack to pick Mark runs in late and is told to work on the project WITH Jack. 

What will the project be?? 

And how will it unfold?

Hailey11__ Hailey11__ Apr 30
These two lines and Sam and Tim and they are close to being connected and together just like mark and jack. Ok? Get it? Got it? Good!
Wow this is how I felt about my first crush but when we were dating he was a total ass hole
You know how Jack and Mark always get flustered when the other sees them in there boxers?, well my brother is 18 ,turned January, and changed into boxers in front of me, and I'm his little sister. Plus all it was, was him taking of his pants, so really it was fine.
Helitopia Helitopia Jul 11
most of my real friends still think that my name is monica 👀
why would they laugh at that?!?! Video Games are life. So it would be stupid if they laughed at that. And this they did I would go in there and punch the living day lights out of them. Telling them that they are crazy and to leave Jack and video games, alone
casey6053 casey6053 Aug 15
yh over here (England) Chips are fries and crisps are potato chips so yeahh