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ugly and annoying By horsedancer123 Completed

In a world where you're enslaved if you don't have money, Scott lives a cold life. His parents never had much money when he was young, and were forced to sell him off into slavery. Scott had never been kept permanently by a family until he turns 20, when he's bought by Mitch Grassi, the dictator's son.

At first, Scott is terrified of his new master. Rumor has it that Mitch's old personal servant died because Mitch whipped her one too many times, and he certainly doesn't want to die. However, Mitch is the nicest master Scott has ever had.

Unbeknownst to Scott, Mitch is slowly falling in love with his servant. But in their cruel world, it's illegal for a slave to date their master.

They're forced to wait until Mitch's father passes and the power is transferred to Mitch himself. Then, Mitch can change the rules for the better.

They'll finally have their DemoGrassi.

maddynoble maddynoble Jan 13
Wow I feel stupid right now. I definitely didn't make that connection and I definitely wasn't going to
FlameTornado FlameTornado Jul 16, 2016
This is like....what's it called...Slave For You? Yeah that one where Mitch was a slave except now it's reverse and oh yeah the dad isn't a total bigoted jackass. Good one on you Mike.
wolfmoon362 wolfmoon362 Aug 05, 2016
Mitch is me, I have a very soft voice unless I yell and then everyone is surprised
CelestialScomiche CelestialScomiche Dec 04, 2016
I finally get it! Democracy, 
                              Demo-Grassi. Here I am again, a couple months later, and I'm just now getting the play on words from the title.