Enemy Within

Enemy Within

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A game is about to begin. A game of strategy...drenched in revenge. Every game has players-even those willing to do anything to stay in the game!

A successful strategist knows that:
- You can inflict maximum damage on the enemy from within his own fort.
- An injured and cornered enemy is far more dangerous than a strong, unharmed one.
- When you and your opponent know each other really well, the only way to win is to see who makes the mistake first.

But what happens when you have to play the game against those who are your own, and they start playing it right back against you? 

What do you do when love beacons you right in the middle of the battlefield?

Can you unveil the plot, protect yourself and your loved ones, before it is too late? Before there is no one left to play the game?


The story features characters of Indian TV drama Swaragini. Characters have been tweaked to suit the plot.

Disclaimer: The characters belong to the original show even though they have been tweaked.

All Rights Reserved.

swasanraglak swasanraglak May 16, 2016
Oh my god! That was just amazing..... Though lot of suspense but it was just fabulous... Keep going..👍👍