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pretzee By pretzee Updated Jul 03, 2017

Tobin Heath saved Alex Morgan's life once.

That was two years ago, and the two have been inseparable ever since. When a rumor strikes Diamond Bar High, it'll be up to them to stay that way.

*don't own Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, etc. This is pure fanfiction

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sarahboudreaux_ sarahboudreaux_ Jun 17, 2016
is there going to be more of this or is it just a one shot bc I actually would love for it to be a story!
gmc5937 gmc5937 Sep 10, 2016
I had to walk 3 miles bc the wheel of my skateboard popped off and i had to go to the bank after school. I was sweating a pool on my back
gmc5937 gmc5937 Sep 10, 2016
Where do i know the name foudy from??.... Idk it will come to me soon
The-Klosses The-Klosses Sep 25, 2016
Im thinking lesbian youtubers now. Rose Ellen Dix. ElloSteph
pretzee pretzee Jun 23, 2016
You guys are so nice, it makes me really happy when I read these. I'm going to try to update every week, just because it gives me enough time to create a good chapter