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Project Hurricane (Percy Jackson And the Avengers) by Percy_Potter101
Project Hurricane (Percy Jackson Legolas Potter
After the war I went back to New York. Just in time for people to change my life, They called themselves the Advengers... And they messed up my date.Little was I to kno...
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Unknown Solider :: Stiles x Avengers by -spideypool-
Unknown Solider :: Stiles x Nick
Stiles leaves Beacon hills to get away from the chaos, but where he goes chaos will always follow. He goes to live with his Uncle Phil in New York, and finds that his un...
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Marvel gifs by prettylittleparkers
Marvel gifsby Eve Parker 💕🥀
Gifs of the following characters -Tony Stark -Steve Rogers -Clint Barton -Thor -Loki -Peter Parker
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Peter Parker imagines by prettylittleparkers
Peter Parker imaginesby Eve Parker 💕🥀
Spidey bulge spidey bulge
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Thorki by Yiling_Patriarch
Thorkiby Wei Wuxian
Loki and Thor are Engaged but Thor didn't take it well at first, what will happen on this adventure, tune in to find out
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Loki's Daughter by FallenAngel2o2
Loki's Daughterby Hey
My name's Keylie . I'm 5'7 and 19 years old. I have raven black hair and emerald green eyes. A classic prankster, absolutely awesome at Magic, creating chaos and making...
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Peter Parker // Tom Holland // imagines  by kfvdhdrygxgdygd
Peter Parker // Tom Holland // Kimberlyy.
(Some smut;)
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Spideychelle Instagram by Rachel_Kim23
Spideychelle Instagramby Rachel Kim
I love these stories so I decided to try to write one😊 ❎DISCLAIMER❎ I do not own any of the characters. Please vote my story and read my other stories😄
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Blue Bird by Lirix123
Blue Birdby Lirix
Rose nicknamed blue bird for her hair color and her love of blue birds moved from Missouri all the way to new york to become a computer expert. not only is she a geek bu...
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Q U E E N ( Tchalla Love Story )  by tupaclover1
Q U E E N ( Tchalla Love Story ) by Nia
"Please I can't! P-p-please I can't do this Okoye" I exclaimed, as my breath and heart quickened. I felt sick to my stomach about the news that I just received...
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Felix & Oswald  Broken Love {Complete}❣ by VixenSerpents
Felix & Oswald Broken Love { 👑SerpentQueen👑
This Story Is About Felix And Oswald Oswald and Felix Has Been Dating For 3years Now And Them And The Crew Has Recently Found out An Old Member of The Mickey Curci...
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SilverSpider|| SUPERFAMILY (BOOK 1) by Killsomebodylikeu
SilverSpider|| SUPERFAMILY (BOOK 1)by QuickPietro
This is a ship story of Peter Parker (Spider-man) and Pietro Maximoff and tony jr getting in the way of pietros strong friendship/relationship with peter.
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We're our own Gods by RavenScottt
We're our own Godsby Darksideofthelight
(Loki x reader) "Now now Loki, you mustn't have your head in the clouds". Your home planet was raided by an unknown force, being the princess to a loyal planet...
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In Plan Site (Thunderbird Love Story) by Forever_a_werdo
In Plan Site (Thunderbird Love Fruitcake
May is a muntant. She can shift into eny animal she wants and can take that trate and combined it with herself. John aka Thunderbird is the leader of a secret organizati...
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Fate is Blind by faithmaas
Fate is Blindby Laerliw
Alone. Left for dead. An ungranted wish for the end. The betrayed hero. A team of mortals. Two gods. An unlikely solution. An unlikely family.
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Teen hero's: a miraculous and marvel crossover by MarvelousPeterParker
Teen hero's: a miraculous and Peter Parker
You like marvel? Ironman and Thor, black widow and the Hulk. You know, and all the avengers? What about miraculous. Well of course you like miraculous, why am I even ask...
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Percy Jackson and The Avengers by karissalovepjo
Percy Jackson and The Avengersby Karissa
Percy was going to propose to Annabeth Avengers was going to capture a terrorist, Percy Jackson Nick Fury needed a hitman Neither of them saw the new threat coming DISC...
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Thor's Daughter *EDITING* by ShannonTheWriter
Thor's Daughter *EDITING*by ShannonTheWriter
When you spend all your life looking and wondering who your dad was....... Then you find out he was a god........
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Loki babysitting days by Usagi42
Loki babysitting daysby Crystal Hearts
Due to a short-tempered ex-girlfriend, Thor was turned into a child and Loki unwilling became his babysitter.
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Brothers Conflict: Winter soldier daughter Part 1 by Inoridragoneel
Brothers Conflict: Winter NerdReader
Everyone knows Emasculates family unusual..but..what about her back..about her family..about her father..this..will take you the story of her father..and her adventure w...
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