Sebastian vs. Grayson (Protector and Smythe Crossover)

Sebastian vs. Grayson (Protector and Smythe Crossover)

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Laeti By 3dream_writer3 Updated Jul 23

*crossover of the Protector series and Smythe series*

       Sebastian Smythe had a rough time growing up. Many secrets were revealed to him and he rarely handled it in a good way. That would explain his arrogant attitude.

       Grayson Prince also had a rough time growing up. He was hurt more than enough times. He's probably more arrogant than Sebastian.

       Both Sebastian and Grayson have their lives settled, both of them being married to their high school sweetheart. They've never crossed paths before, but when they do, only two words can describe it.

       War zone.

This is a short story, only a few chapters, of what happens when my two bad boys meet. It takes place after the epilogues of My Protector: The Bad Boy and Surviving the Life of Dax. Spoilers are included, so read at your own risk.

dedeluvu dedeluvu Jul 13
I feel like Grayson and Seb are going to end up being close friends as Poppy and Artemis
See, like at the beach probably wouldn't bother me, but somewhere like a fancy restaurant or something like that, would.
Says the three year old. I'm gonna miss him when Ryder the love expert ends. :'(
colleen011 colleen011 Jul 19
Omg RYDER. HE IS SO CUTE. It's nice to read him again after reading the book where he is a teenager
KaylaMlanon KaylaMlanon Jul 05
When people told me that, cause I didn't nurse with a cover, I told them to stop being perverts and eat with a blank over their heads lol
Dang it! I was in Norway, so I didn't have any data/wi-fi to see it in time. I guess I'll have to wait and celebrate until next year.