Badboy & The Troublemaker

Badboy & The Troublemaker

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This was one of the first stories I wrote, read at your own risk :')
"Oh don't act so innocent. I know you did this" I snap at him.

"Yea so? You got me suspended for a week, so what if your dad's pissed at you?" he says shrugging.

"I hope you fucking know that this means war" I say pulling him up by his collar.


Ash Harper is not your average Malibu barbie, with fake tans and Gucci purses. Or with the pink convertible. She's the badass troublemaker, with a hot motorcycle, sexy leather jacket, a troubled past, and a mysterious aura.

Leaving everything she's ever known behind, Ash moves to LA with her Dad, where she meets Austin Aimes, who is a conceited, egotistic asshole, or at least to Ash he is.

What happens when their worlds collide?

Sparks fly as a certain boy threatens to break the walls Ash has built high.  Secrets are revealed, hearts are broken, love triangles are formed, and of course where Ash goes, trouble follows.

A story of Hate-at-first sight.

--Completed August 4th, 2014--

artlover073 artlover073 Mar 23
My middle school is not like the clique type so I have no experience even though I believe that
Katie72639 Katie72639 Aug 12
I read this before watching A Cinderella Story.... what are the odds 😕
                              Please, for my sake, don't tell me she was being sarcastic. I ALREADY KNOW.
lyssatjie lyssatjie Dec 18, 2016
I will be a bitch to everyone even if they r my friends cause ppl r so hard 2 trust
chocolate_xD chocolate_xD Dec 27, 2016
God noooooooo😤 just gonna imagine as Francisco lachowski😏😍
milkshook milkshook Dec 23, 2016
What about you shut it and your fat ass, fat Amy? 
                              I swear I love fat Amy! Just referring as the other other.. Yeah 😤😛