Imagine ; Jacob Latimore

Imagine ; Jacob Latimore

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Imagine ; 

"Okay y/n, I'm gonna teach you how to play basketball." Jacob said as he grabbed your hand and took you outside with him where the basketball goal was. "What? I'm not even wearing the right clothing for that right now Jacob." You replied.

"Here, put these on." He gave you some of his basketball shorts and you smiled. "Well, okay then.. Turn around you perv." He laughed but turned around anyway as you quickly took your ripped shorts off and put on his basketball shorts. "Okay, I'm done." You said. He turned back around as you put your shorts in the grass. He watched as you took off your shirt slowly, revealing your sports bra. Lust filled his eyes and it was like he went in a daze making you walk up to him and snap your fingers in his face, repeatedly.

"Hellooo... Jacob are you okay?" He coughed. "Oh, right." He said quickly. You giggled and he gave you a basketball while you stood in front of the goal. "Okay, Back up a little" He instructed. You took 2 steps back and your...

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