My Neighbors //1D

My Neighbors //1D

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I hear the same manly, British voice say, "Go away. I'm not interested in buying your Girl Scout cookies."

I let out a nervous laugh. "Erm...I'm not selling cookies. I-"

"Then what do you want?" the same voice says.

Darn! That voice sounds so familiar.

I clear my throat. "I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Diana, the neighbor next door. I-"

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you." he says.

I growl. "Fine then...have a great day, Mr. Grumpy." I look down, slowly backing up. I forget about the steps, and fall.

Everything goes dark.

✧  ✧  ✧ ✧  ✧  ✧ ✧  ✧  ✧ 

17-year-old Diana Nielson has always loved the famous boy band, One Direction. They took her out of depression when her jerk-of-a best friend, Blake Spencers, physically abused of her a few years ago. Problem is, he's been trying to get her to date him, forcefully, to the point where she's considering putting a restriction order on him.

✔What happens when the new neighbors that moved in right next door to Diana's house are not some common people?

✔What if they are...Louis Tomlison, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik?

✔Will they protect Diana from her aggressive stalker?

✔Will they be able to help Diana get over her troublesome past?

✔Will Diana fall for any of them? Will any of the five fall in love with her, if not all?

(Yes, I will include Zayn...for a while...)

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niallschonce03 niallschonce03 Jun 22, 2016
Oh My God! She is me! I always shout out the lyrics and jump on my bed.. And Unfortunatly last time when my friends came over we jumped so much that my bed
niallschonce03 niallschonce03 Jun 22, 2016
Maybe they will cuz these boys are the kindest and sweetest  boys ever
niallschonce03 niallschonce03 Jun 22, 2016
I thought it was 11:45 at night so I was like wtf she was welcoming her neighbors at 11 at night..  Then I realized it had Am with it  😂😂
niallschonce03 niallschonce03 Jun 22, 2016
If they are her neighbors then she should invite us so that we can have a party
ObsessedOverStyles ObsessedOverStyles May 07, 2016
And maybe thats why they end up writing a song called Diana?😂
niallschonce03 niallschonce03 Jun 22, 2016
I an hungry!! 😭😭😭 Author I blame you!! Plz sent the cookies to my house ASAP