UnWanted ReJected UnLoved Forever Lost Lonely Antisocial

UnWanted ReJected UnLoved Forever Lost Lonely Antisocial

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Nancy Barnes also Known as TigsAndWolvesRMyLIfe By IAmTigsAndW Completed

Look at that girl sitting all alone, Wonder why she’s crying!
Then you see the bullies and populars run over to her!
They say oh baby, what a baby, she’s a cry-baby ohhhh look she’s
crying the worthless piece of crude look at that, she looks like i
just broke her all over again.
I don’t think so when you look her way.
Her family doesn't care!
She is told that she’s unwanted by everyone
That person that’s called fat, that person that’s called ugly, that
person who thinks she shouldn’t have been born cause that’s what
everyone tells her that person is me!!
I am a werewolf who was supposed to shift at the age of 15 i didn't so
now i am Unwanted by my pack Rejected by my family Unloved by my mate
Forever Lost without his love Lonely without my friends My friends
hate me now so I’m called Antisocial.
Since she is unloved by her mate will she run or stay will the abuse
go too far making her run will the trouble of leaving help or make it
READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A/n: My Editor is @princess_reni hope you enjoy!

Cover made by @VanillaVay

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MahailiaPersad MahailiaPersad Jan 03, 2018
Shes gonna be some powerful wolf or the moon goddesses daugther or something
UnpredictableMargret UnpredictableMargret Apr 18, 2017
Your so wrong about that statement cause if I were in your situation I would poison those wicked bastard and leave Lol
-Werewolfgirl101- -Werewolfgirl101- Sep 08, 2015
sounds good I look forward to reading it I was looking for a book and then I saw your book and said hey why not?
SaofaigaaliiTauiliil SaofaigaaliiTauiliil Oct 22, 2014
i wish i was in hea... den i cn b yhu bestfwend/sista nd i will beat their asses...
                              love it so far... :)
ExoticLuv ExoticLuv Oct 24, 2013
ughh i feel so bad for her!! no one should be treated like that especially by their parents!
Angellove757 Angellove757 Jul 11, 2013
Parent should love u no matter what and have ur back . i wish could help her that wrong