Abducted - Escape From Kraile

Abducted - Escape From Kraile

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Joe Cleveland By JRCleveland Completed

After discovering two aliens trying to milk a cow in his Grandfather's barn, fourteen year old Luke Summers is abducted. Scared out of his wits, he soon discovers that the aliens, Simon and Leonidas, aren't planning to probe him... huge relief.

Instead, after injecting Luke with nano-translators so he can understand them, they tell him that his parents, both astronauts who were pronounced dead during a failed mission to Mars, are still alive... and they need his help to rescue them from an evil spider-alien dictator named Drac Moor.

There's just one itsy bitsy catch. Luke will first need to be "reconditioned" so that he can withstand the harsh alien atmospheres that he'll be subjected to. Oh... and it's probably going to hurt a little.

Follow along as Luke stumbles through one disaster after another, in an attempt to pull off a daring prison break and free his parents before it's too late.

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Thundahguy Thundahguy Jun 14, 2017
It's Obvious the Aliens aren't evil
                              *No one bad will milk a cow*
- - Oct 23, 2016
                              Life lesson kids- don't let aliens tap you. The consequences could be dark.
                              Get it? Dark??
                              Imma go eat a sandwich.
- - Aug 10, 2016
Oh wow! Loved it. It was sooooo interesting and the way the words described the surroundings and the character's thoughts, it was brilliant! 
                              I also love the character's personality and this just the first chapter! I'm definitely reading more of this!
nyxill nyxill Apr 02, 2016
This sounds so good! It's very well written and amusing. Your cover is very nice as well. Well done!
Regular_Guy Regular_Guy Apr 26, 2016
Amazing start :D Aliens milking a cow?? xD Crazy stuff man, crazy stuff.
- - Apr 04, 2016
I love this story. I have never seen anyone writing like this. Coming from me it means a lot as I am not one fund of science fiction writing like this and even any Scifi I read always have romance in it-- which it is easy to get annoyed with. But this, this was a work of art.