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Happy Together

Happy Together

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Everly By EverlyTheBlackRabbit Updated Mar 22

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde have been police  partners for more than a year now and those two are now known as the greatest crime fighting duo in Zootopia. Though as the two are always together, other animals mistake the two as a couple. Each of them deny it but can't help feel a bit hurt when they hear each other's denials.

As they figure out their feelings they're also figuring out a new big case going on in Zootopia. 

{Hey readers! Today 3/4/16 at 2pm I got to see Zootopia! The movie was wonderful and I love it so much! Thank God @_@ I got to see it as soon as I could cause now I want to buy Kids Meals at Subway to get more stickers!}

Fanatic_Francis Fanatic_Francis Jun 14, 2016
Skipper from Penguins of Madagascar: "We were never mates. There was no mating!" XD
Joseph616 Joseph616 Dec 22, 2016
Leah-Michelle Leah-Michelle Aug 26, 2016
She went..... because of Nick. I have two things to say. One: That's so sweet. Two: *faceplam*.
Joseph616 Joseph616 Dec 22, 2016
Now all I have to say is this. *INHALES DEEPLY* JudywhatthefuckdoyouthinkyouaredoingyouknowyouloveNicksodon'tgoImeancomeonhelovesyouback. Like honestly why do you think he's wearing the shades he's looking at you.
TimothyCrawford9 TimothyCrawford9 Aug 04, 2016
Make it a happy ending where Judy and Nick get married and start a family please.
dipperluvsme12 dipperluvsme12 Aug 14, 2016
When mom and I watched the movie we felt like they were the perfect couple. I ship it Judyxnick